So... how is it?

Seeing lots of familiar faces, both Alliance and Horde.

How is everybody liking MoP so far?
Not even level 86 yet. playtime is somewhat limited, and I'm out of town next week, but it's been... interesting. I'm really loving the visuals.

A lot of the quests aren't multibox friendly. All the story quests are fun, but they're impossible to do concurrently, so I end up having to do them in a row. Lots of collection quests too, so that's annoying.

I'm loving that every quest hub has people at it from either faction, and they all feel like powder kegs. I'm just waiting for someone to jump, or get jumped, and watch all hell break loose.
Enjoying it so far. Even had a couple of adventurous souls take pokes at me -- in town. (That left me scratching my head -- "I'm going to attack that earth-shielded healer who is looking at her map, standing next to a guard!") But otherwise just questing and enjoying the new stuff. :)
I haven't had time to experience it yet, since I've been so busy. But that's all about to soon as I finish this round of cite checks! I'm really looking forward to seeing how it is though =) So far, I've heard a lot of positive things from people.
I love it, but you've probably heard me say as much more than once in our channel. I love the pandas. LOVE the pandas. Love love love LOVE the pandas. As in if I had a whole bunch of money to throw away I'd probably have all pandas now.

The panda zones are so pretty, too! I even listen to the music, and I have had the wow music disabled for years.

I was terribly excited the other day to be encountering world pvp as well. This is a nice recurrance, although the sixth or seventh time I died doing the same quest did get a little old. But hey, I picked a PvP server with a lot more horde, so that's what I get. If anyone sees me questing in their area, I'd be happy to join up because its always good to have each other's back when Horde are around. Especially now that we're back in full-scale war. And really, orcs should die. I've believed that for years about undead, of course, but for entirely different reasons.

I didn't expect to like the pet battles, but they're fun! I still think the pandaren monk pet is a wee bit overpowered. I've been enjoying particularly my Azure Whelpling having some solid use now. I have a long emotional fondness for that particular pet as I was awarded it for having won a big RP scavanger hunt in The Sentinels years ago... and was picked by my team to win the prize. I know Senos had farmed many hours for it, and I'd never expected to win OR be chosen by my team... getting to see it out and in action just brings back so many happy memories while I'm forming great new ones!

I also really like the quests where you play in someone else's perspective.. such a change! I'm glad to see that the vehicle technology is getting an imaginative workout. And I'm enjoying reading the quests, they do not disappoint me. I've come to expect quirky, imaginative stories from Blizzard with tons of cultural references, and these are living up to every memory. I'm really glad I chose to not participate in the Beta because this is so fresh and new.

I'm enjoying learning the dungeons, too, with new (absolutely new) mechanics and things. Of course, the first time or two in I look like a fool, but then its such a joy to get the hang of things and see what I should be doing and how to do it.

In short, I really love this expansion, and am excited for what lies ahead!
I have really enjoyed it. My guild has been great (the name change went through while I was in game).
So fun! I've loved questing again and the areas I've been to are just lovely. Very cute new gear, fun wildlife, funny instances. I wish there were some more pvp but we've been having pretty good times with all you hordies coming to play! :)

Pet battles I didn't expect to like, but the pet collector in me is delighted. It's a fun way to pass time too. Plus... you can name them! So awesome!

I've been very leisurely leveling and enjoying the show.
09/26/2012 04:18 PMPosted by Oolaki
Even had a couple of adventurous souls take pokes at me -- in town.

Ah, yup. We did that last night to figure out which towns had guards aggro.

Not all towns did. >.>
I looted an epic level 85 staff ( Darkstaff of Annihilation ) off a rare mob that one of my toons could use, but I would much rather have sold.

The fact that rares are dropping BoP loot makes me sad. I ended up with a set of rare mail pants that are useless to me, as well.
09/27/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Cayreth
Not all towns did. >.>

Yeah, I found that out in one of the cities where you're supposed to train with the pandas and do things with your 'rumpus' or whatever. There were some good brawls there (and more lawls when some random DK would decide to poke at me and we'd go round and round and round and round and...)
Having a BLAST! :D

And don't fret, the change you see in my profile image is only for one tier. ;)
Pandaria's great! I've been loving the location about as much as I enjoyed going through Northrend. The quests are great, and more 'together' than Cataclysm was. And I'm feeling overwhelmed by how much stuff there is to do!

By the way, thank you to all you Alliance players who have elected to /wave back at me upon seeing me running around, instead of /startattack -- I somehow managed to level to 90 without getting ganked once, which was super nice. The couple of times I quested alongside some of you guys were pretty neat.

Granted, I'll probably start initiating some wPvP at some point. Just haven't been in the mood for it yet.
I was expecting a lot of ganking considering the A:H ratio, it was a nice experience questing together with friendly horde players.
There's so much stuff to do now at 90 ._.
85-90 leveling was rrrrouuugghhhh
Art, music, quests, pet battles, quests, lore . . . . Not sure how I'm supposed to keep track of what I'm enjoying at the moment. Wallowing in fun to the point that I'm barely starting to work on leveling.
I'm sorry sir but I refused to indulge in your topic conversation until you purge all non-gnomes from your guild. Good day sir!
I somehow managed to level to 90 without getting ganked once, which was super nice

I wish I could say the same. I have yet to start a fight but I've had more than a few picked with me.

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