Level 90 talents

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I just want a $%#@ing blue post about these talents either saying "Hey, we are working on making mage 90 talents more fun" or, "Stop !@#$%ing they're staying the way they are", so that I know whether or not I want to level an alt for raiding.
Jspirit you disappoint me son. In that vein of thought, I know you have a mage. If your mage isn't 90 yet, get it there asap. Then go do pve, NOT pvp. Then come back tell us you actually find the level 90 talents enjoyable to maintain in a pve situation.

For pvp, you will find the rune worthless as you are never permitted to stand still. You will find Invocation useful at times, but difficult to maintain in the extreme in extended pvp when you can't get a break to stop root yourself for 8ish seconds. You will find Incanter's Ward actually really nice for pvp.

Sad to say it, but once you actually play with the level 90 talents, the only one that is semi ok is Incanter's Ward and that is only in pvp and for aoe damage heavy fights in pve. Nice as the other two are in concept, they are awful in execution.

Edit: @Those wanting a Dev Post. You won't get it. Once again, as I stated in a separate thread addressing this very issue, those of us who played the beta !@#$%ed long and loud. The talents went live. We are stuck with them for now.

do you not like having 40% damage buffs? Why do you find dealing 40% extra damage annoying.

25%, 15%, and 6% (with an up to 30%), thank you very much.

The way you get them is crap though. You obviously didn't play with yours much.

Other classes get overpowered buffs, passives, and other cool stuff. We get something "passive" that's active that makes us competitive.
The level 90 talents are crappy in 1 way compared to other class cool downs and that's that 2 require you to stand still to get benefit and the third to take damage now this is a problem since blizzard has seemed to design most the boss encounters with a lot of avoid mechanics not allowing you to easily keep these active instead of a just use it and you got a buff type of mechanic like other classes allowing you to move freely without a problem. the other problem i have with it is that in order to do good on progression raids i have to have a ton of tomes and constantly switch my talent with one that's better for the current encounter because encounters like spirit kings just don't really let you use something that isn't incanter's word practically.
Ok, I loved my mage in MOP until I got to lvl 90. Now i just hate it. I just find my self more time trying to keep the buff up than actually casting spells (the one's that looks great)

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