14/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. 25M

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Note: Progression directly depends on how fast we kill things. The group is capable of downing more hardmodes, but with a 4 hour time constraint we do as much as we can within that time.

What is The Federal Reserve?
A group of raiders that I will be forming comprised of mains and alts
that are capable of downing end game content. Please do not sign up on
our sheet unless you are level 90.

We will be raiding 25 man content and focus primarily on MoP.

For raiders who are skilled, to down end game content, gear up fast,
and then make large sums of gold to help them as they play World of
Warcraft. The schedule is light so that it doesn't involve a large
time commitment.

it would be appreciated.

It aligns up with the purpose, as well it avoids all loot drama. Everyone wins.

Our raid times will be:

Friday @8:00pm for 4 hours. - Gold team
Saturday @ 8:00pm for 4 hours. - Silver Team

Signup Link
ONLY sign up once you have hit 90. You MUST be raid ready as well by the date (proper gear, enchants, rep, etc). One sign up per character. One sign up for multiple characters will be ignored.


Invites Information
By Tuesday, you should log in and set your status to accept.
I will then set peoples status individually to either confirmed or standby.

Confirmed - You have a spot.
Standby - You are backup.

Keep in mind that people sometimes do not show up for whatever reason,
and thus we normally a few spots open that we bring people in from
back up. So do not get discouraged if you are slotted as backup.

Loot Rules
All loot will be done via GDKP. For a rough idea of the system, please
refer to other GDKP on EJ.

Minimum Loot Bids
These numbers are subject to change at my discretion.
BoE's - I will price them based on what I feel necessary.

Pricing is still being determined

External Buyers Pricing
These numbers are subject to change at my discretion.

Pricing is still being determined

What Am I looking for?
Either alts from tier 1 guilds, or mains from other guilds. People who
can commit to the schedule, have a great attitude, and have a decent
amount of gold to start with. However, I am flexible on the latter.

Further Information
Priority will be given to skill versus how much gold you have. Once
you have a spot on the roster, you will own that spot. If you are
asked to sit one week once we have content on farm, and a rich buyer
looking to purchase loot, you will get a fair portion of the pot. The
key here is, this will only happen when you are asked. Not showing up
and expecting a fair share of the pot will not happen.

When you sign up, please provide any references in the comment section
of your sign up if I have not raided with you before.

*** Note *** You will be required to sign up weekly. This is MANDATORY.
We will be starting off with MoPl. We will not be doing full
clears if we hit a road block on a boss (which I assume you we will),
we will simply move to the next raid instance. This will be set up as
a 25m instance.

Everyone is a buyer. There are no special carrier spots. Even the
carriers buy gear, and people who do spend well, perform well, are
always invited back to earn their gold back.
Q: How are legendary sales going to work?
A: At the start of a raid night, we will open up a bid for the Legendary as a whole. Once you bid, you will be locked and expected to show up weekly and perform/participate or else you will be replaced and lose your spot.

Q: What is the minimum price/buy in rate to get into the run?
A: There is none. This is a GDKP. Most people bring at least 40k to
spend. If however loot drops and you are not bidding on it and its
clearly a properly itemized item for you, we do hold the right to
remove you from the pot share at the end of the night.

Q: Do you have room for carriers?
A: We have no carriers. Everyone is a buyer. This is how it has always been run.

Q: What if no loot drops that I need, do i still have to bid?
A: No.

Q: What if I am only there for specific gear and not other epics. I
only want the trinket for example.

A: Then on your sign up form you state that, as well in the comment section.

Q: Jitzarn: What if I am number one DPS, I do not like the fact that
you are still making me bid on gear that I need as upgrades when
clearly I am #1 on the meters.

A: When you down a boss by yourself, come back and discuss. If you
don't like the rules, don't come to the run.

Q: How much money do I need to bring?
A: Most people bring 50k minimum to spend.

Q: What if I only want one specific piece of gear out of the raids?
A: Then you list on the sign up form that you only need 1 piece of
loot, and list what the price you are willing to pay in the how much
gold are you bringing column. Also list it on your comment. We are
looking to obviously make the run the most profitable for everyone.

Q: What if I only want to spend minimum price on a piece of gear?
A: Then this run is not for you as you will never win anything. If i
pick up on your trend, I will remove you from the pot at the end of
the night.

Q: What does it take to get in?
A: A good attitude, eyes (not making stupid mistakes), and decent pockets.

Q: What if I have no gold and im looking to make gold?
A: You can do daily's, or contact your local charity. This run is for
people who are looking to gear up efficiently and return to spend the
gold they also earn.

Q Do spots ever open up?
A: Yes. Some of our returning members don't always sign up on time and
as a result get replaced the subsequent week.

Q: Will there be another run starting up soon?
A: Yes. I am in the midst of putting together a Saturday Run.

Q: I signed up on time, I'm a returning veteran, and I didn't get an
invite this week, why?

A: IF you did sign up before Tuesday, there could be a few reasons for this.
- You made mistakes the previous run that were avoidable and we're
looking at potentially trying out someone with a bit more exp in our
Friday run.
- You didn't actually sign up. Verify this if you are unsure by
sending Daekon an in game mail.
- You are looking to bring an alt in instead of the main, and thus you
are subject to the fact if we have room for your current class in the
raid make up, regardless of the experience level. I like to run a
certain make up and diverge from that slightly at times.
- We had a really rich buyer sign up who also has experience.

Q: If I did get replaced for a week, will I get an invite back in future weeks?
A: Of course. If you have been replaced permanently due to your
failure to execute, I wil definitely let you know via an in game mail

Q: If I have never come to your run before, and have no experience,
should I still sign up?

A: Yes. As long as you are above the average iLvl for the current content and can perform, sign up. We
sometimes have our core wanting to bring their alts and thus we
require a certain class to fill their previous role.

Q: What is this 2k per screw up rule?
A: The fee is to encourage you to not screw up. Everyone is fair game
for this fee. Anyone who screws up, pays the fee. The definition of a
screw up will be explained before the encounter. I myself have paid
into this fee as well. We all make mistakes. The trick is to minimize
the number of mistakes, or to give something back to the other 24
people if you make a mistake as you are wasting their time.
Q: What is the difference between an External/Internal?
A: An external buyer is someone we summon in for specific boss
encounters to sell loot/achievements to. If the item does not drop, or
the achievement is not obtained, due to our fault, the deposit is
refunded. Externals do not receive a pot share at the end of the

Q: I have an alt I want to bring to get geared, what do I do?
A: There are a few scenarios I have encountered and I will document
how I will treat each one of them.

Scenario 1: We bring your alt in for farm bosses based on my
discretion. You will get your alt and main saved weekly until I can
create a more permanent slot for your alt. Buying gear for your alt
will be treated as an internal buyer.

Scenario 2: You sign up for Saturdays run only. Again, treated like an
internal buyer. When I can create a spot for your alt in the Friday
run, I will let you know.

Scenario 3: You all of a sudden decide you want to switch characters.
You basically screw over the raid composition or create a last minute
issue with raid comp vs buffs because now we are left with a missing
buff/less than ideal comp based on what 'I' would like. If we bring
you in, you will be charged external buyer prices. You will however
receive a pot share.
There is zero negotiation on this rule.

Scenario 4: I have a need for your alt, and would like you to switch
to it if you would agree for the night. You will be treated as an
internal buyer.

Q: We have discussed prices ahead of time in some shape way or form
(whispers, mail, etc). However, I feel now that I am being over
charged for a piece of loot and would like to change the pricing. What
do I do?

A: You watch the loot be DE'd as long as no one else needs it. Pricing
that is discussed ahead of time, stays at that rate. If anyone in the
run tries to undermine the pricing system by buying it for that person
at a lower price, they will risk having their pot share revoked for
the night and risk not being brought back for future runs. This is a
drama free run, keep it that way.

Q: I have issues with someone in the raid, what do I do?
A: You deal with it privately in whispers. Or you bring it to my
attention offline. I am not your mother/babysitter/wife/husband. If
any complaining occurs in raid chat, I will charge the offending
parties who participate in raid chat 1000g for each line of
complaining until they stop, or leave. Again, keep this run drama

Q: You made a mistake on the spreadsheet, what do I do?
A: I strongly encourage you to let me know either in raid chat,
whispers or vent BEFORE I start giving out gold. Everyone makes
mistakes, and when managing a spreadsheet, raid leading, dishing out
loot, and babysitting elitist that complain non stop, one does tend to
make mistakes. The spreadsheet is posted for a reason, so that
everyone can view it and it is transparent for cross referencing. Use
it, it's there for a reason.

Q: You brought in an external buyer, but I am an internal and I need
the piece of loot you agreed to sell to them. What do I do you pompous

A: If you indicated that you needed that piece of loot on your sign
up, I will fix it. If you did not, you have two choices of recourse.
You also apologize for calling me a pompous dictator. Feelings were
1) You sign up indicating it next week and let them have it. Loot will
drop again, so you will have your opportunity.
2) You buy it for what the buyer was going to pay for it.
They did not get saved for the week for a reason. I do not want to
screw them over. All loot being sold to external (we summon them in)
buyers will be posted on my spreadsheet with prices that were

Loot will start to be sold to externals if the buying price internal
to the raid begins to drop. This again, is at my discretion. If a
buyer wishes to buy a piece of loot that he did not discuss ahead of
time with me, he will be allowed to bid on it starting at the external
bidding price + a 5000g fine for not discussing it ahead of time.

Q: GCG - What are your rules on it?
A: GCG is not an endorsed part of this run. Anyone who is willing to
participate in GCG does so at their own discretion. However, if you
end up gambling the gold you bring to the run and lose it all...and
are not able to purchase gear as a result..I reserve the right to
start charging you a buy in price at the start of the run that you can
put towards loot during the run. Be responsible, know your limits and
stay within it.

Q: If i have to leave early, dc, or nerd rage at you and leave group
do I get my pot share?

A: No, the person we bring in to replace you will get your share, or
we do a 24 way split.
Q: I bid on items I cannot use. I am a warlock that bids on strength items, or healing items for whatever reason (either to bid up the price, or accidentally). How do you handle this?
A: First rule is, all bids are final. So if you end up winning it, congratulations. However, at that point it will be purely at my discretion as to what happens. Either one of two scenarios will happen: You will either lose your pot share at the end of the night without any notification until the night is over, or you will be removed from the run at any point after that as I look for a backup. They will have your entire pot share. This is solely based at my discretion as if this is an accidental bid and it is clear that it is, it will be allowed to slide. The item may be re opened for bid where you would pay the difference in price between what you won it for and what the new person wins it for.

You should be bidding on pieces you can directly use. This has never been an issue in the past, until recently. Let us not make it an issue anymore.

Q: I am a new person to the run. I understand you have rules regarding this? Explain them please.
A: As a new person you are expected to spend at least your pot share on gear that drops. If gear drops that you cannot use, that is not your fault. If gear drops that you can use, you are expected to spend at least your pot share or a number close to it. If you sign up with 100k gold, then you are expected to win what you can up to that. Just cause you spend all your gold in the first run doesn't mean we wont bring you back. If you perform well, we bring you back to earn your gold back. If you hold us back, we will not bring you back. If you do not spend gold approximately to the value of your pot share on gear you could have won (meaning you let gear go for 10k without winning it for example when you are supposed to spend up to 40k), we will reserve the right to exclude you from the pot share. You are not here to horde gold or have the run invest gold into you, without you investing into it back, period.

Q: I was standing in the correct spot during a barrel role on Heroic Spine. I'm not paying the penalty for falling off the dragon. I can even link you my stream showing you that I had the debuff on me.
A: Ok link me the stream. If you can prove the game broke for you, but did not break for 24 other people Busker, I will remove the penalty. Let us see the stream recording.
Response: Forget it. I'm out of here. I don't need this. You're a crazy terrorist.
A: You are correct.

Please ensure you know the rules, before you come. By signing up, you have read the rules and understand them.

Penalty Rules
We charge 2000g-6000g for every screw up during a raid per individual. We will go over what classifies as a screw up before an encounter. In addition, we now charge 2000g per minute anyone is late for the raid or AFK (if we are waiting on them for a boss pull). You sign up for these raids, and thus your time is ours between 8pm-12pm server.

If you are unable to make the run and fail to give at least 48 hours notice, you will be subject to paying a 20000g fine. This fine is non negotiable and will be due upon being invited for the following weeks run before you are 'confirmed.'

If you are caught bailing on a run just because the run is going poorly, you will risk the chance of not being invited back at all. We all invest time to try to make the run progress. If you cannot remain consistent and tough it out through wipes, you do not belong in these runs at all. You will also risk the chance of being brought in the following week and having your pot share revoked at the end of the run.
Need mages, monk DPS,and frost DK, Spriest, and/or Locks.
min ilvl req is 463. So even if you did not get an invite, and have this iLvl req, sign up. I may replace those who dont have it with those with higher iLvl.
MONK DPS READY TO ROCK AND ROLL wonder how good they will be, bump
Just an fyi for any of the guys who were running that continuation today at 3, I still can't log in since the shutdown, we will see if that changes before raid time. Won't even let me log into g-chat on my phone.
Bump. Need some high DPS, and a resto druid for this Friday. Mages are in high demand at the moment.
In need of a resto druid this week for this run. Also mages, please apply.
LF a Resto Druid tonight.
We are looking for some high DPS for Elegon. Must know the fight, have exp, and do 80-90k+ DPS on that fight.
Still looking for high DPS locks/mages.
mage eta next friday~~!!
We have an opening for a mage tonight, high DPS warlock, and high dps SPriest.
Ret paladin as well. Must be able to do 80-90k on Elegon.
High DPS slots available. Must have 6/6 experience outside of LFR.
High DPS spots are available. 467 iLvl + ideally.
Biggest openings are Spriests, Locks.

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