14/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. 25M

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Didnt do HoF this week with my guild, so I'd be able to come Friday or Saturday if its possible to come just for HoF. I'm 491ilvl affliction, 16/16n & 2/6hm MSV exp. Need tier chest & the Off-Hand from Tayak.

I also have a 471ilvl disc priest that is only saved to HoF, so I could do MSV & Terrace on it. (Yeah ilvl is kinda low for Terrace, but still, I have exp & feel I'm a good healer). Can also go shadow if needed.
let me know if you need me for the run today, otherwise ill be at my girlfriends.
Veltaius: Show up today. Make sure you have your flasks, potions, and everything ready to go.

We also have room for one more high DPS than can make the entire run.
We will start HM progression this week. Bring your A game. Full clear of Terrace/HoF, then move into HM MSV.
Do not get saved for anything.
Bump. We are now selling loot, so mail me in game for any loot from last 3 bosses off Sha of Fear, or the last Boss in HoF. When you mail me, please include the item you are looking for, and whether or not you have downed the boss that drops that item..in normal mode at least.

LFR - No one cares.
tonights the night!
H Elegon goin down this week >:D
pickin up 6 pack natty ice on the way home from work gonna do GDKP tonight yeaaaaa the lyfe #swagyolo420gdkp
Bump. Heroic Elegon down.

Progression on Spirit Kings and/or 4th boss HoF/Lei Shei
Bump for some high performing DPS/1 Hpally. Also 1 tank needed.
01/17/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Daekon
Also 1 tank needed.

I'm feeling more confident now that I've discovered this new ability "Blood Presence"
finally my question whether or not kellybarkson lip syncs will be answered...
2 High dps slots avail tonight.
Bump. Spots for 3 high dps.
Bump. Working on Lei Shi next week, 2nd boss in HoF, or Spirit Kings. Know them all inside out.

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