14/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. 25M

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My gold is on blade lord
Interested in a hunter spot if available....have MORE than enough Gold

Balls of Steele.
pick me pick me

have a fair bit of gold and decent xp, what roles you looking for
It's 6/16 can you count?
At this point we are looking for a strong full time tank, and high dps.
Sign up via the google doc.
Need 4 more high dps, and 1 experienced/geared tank for HM progression.
Need 3 more high dps and 1 tank. 490 iLvl pref.
We are doing HoF/ToES tonight.
It's me I'm a tank.
Bump for high dps this week. One opening for a tank as well.
We have 5 spots available, so do apply.
ilvl 501 Mage, 120k+ Dps... lots of end game experience 5+ years in top 5 us guilds including midwinter and pie chart... i'm now a casual as of 5 weeks ago. I would love to go to this GDKP run please sign me up I have roughly 100k gold on this server now.
Let's get you jokers to sign up a bit earlier/hit accept.
Based on a number of our core being unavailable this Friday, we will not be having a GDKP run tomorrow. Normal runs should reconvene next week. Please hit accept by Monday. Invites are out. If you want to sign up, please do so on our google doc.
Bump. Opening for a Destro/Demo Lock in this run.

Durumu to 0.5%:)
add me if you need a tank

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