14/14H <Federal Reserve> GDKP Fri. 25M

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Looking for a high dps lock and mage.
Bump. Looking for high lock dps.
What's a high lock dps? Bump for Daekon!
Just submit an app if you want in, and look to cal for invite.
One big happy family, working together for a better world.

For gold.
12/12 ohhh yea baby zzzzzzzz
if it bleeds, we can kill it.

Recruiting more people like this.
i see your guile theme and raise you:

Sadly, most of our recruits probably look like that. Especially Dreenan.
Bump because I'm tired of people whispering me and asking how the GDKP works.
Upsy daisy
I've got 120-140K gold to spend :) Looking for mainly retribution gears and some holy upgrades. Just moved to the server last night ;)
In game mail Daekon. We'll set you up for an invite for Saturday.
Mail sent :) Thanks!
Curious why you're not leading the GDKP's anymore Daekon. Is it permanent?
1) Curious why you don't post such questions on your main character. Is this permanent?
2) I lead it. I was just on vacation, and left the run in trusted hands.
1) In transfer, although almost regretting it after seeing you emo edit your post.
2) You should probably take a longer vacation seeing how you still seem angry.
3) It was a simple question which not only bumped your thread but needed to be asked.

Anyone else bored enough to read this, I recommend

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