Ayrmidon's Jewelcrafting & Blacksmithing Inc.

I will keep this updated as I discover new patterns...only going to list the superior quality and meta cuts for JC...as the rest are a given due to training.

Gauntlets of Unbound Devotion (ilvl 496 Holy Paladin Gloves)
Contender's Revenant Armor - FULL SET
Living Steel Weapon Chain
Living Steel Belt Buckle

Golembreaker Amulet
Reflection of the Sea
Skymage Circle
Tiger Opal Pendant
Widow Chain

Band of Blood
Heart of the Earth
Lionsfall Ring
Lord's Signet
Roguestone Shadowband

Meta Cuts
Agile Primal Diamond
Austere Primal Diamond
Burning Primal Diamond
Destructive Primal Diamond
Effulgent Primal Diamond
Ember Primal Diamond
Enigmatic Primal Diamond
Eternal Primal Diamond
Fleet Primal Diamond
Impassive Primal Diamond
Powerful Primal Diamond
Reverberating Primal Diamond
Revitalizing Primal Diamond

Red Cuts
Bold Primordial Ruby
Brilliant Primordial Ruby
Delicate Primordial Ruby
Flashing Primordial Ruby
Precise Primordial Ruby

Orange Cuts
Potent Vermilion Onyx

Yellow Cuts
Mystic Sun's Radiance

Green Cuts
Energized Wild Jade

Blue Cuts
Rigid River's Heart
Solid River's Eye
Sparkling River's Heart
Stormy River's Heart

Purple Cuts
Selfless bump...get your cuts ready for raid, and your PvP set ready for Season 12! Living Steel Belt Buckle is where it's at, yo!
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New, Item Level 496 gloves, Gauntlets of Unbound Devotion!!!
At work now - can you in game mail me as a reminder for the revenant set? I will send you mats + tip

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