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Im going to make a warrior and was wondering is it faster more effeciant to do arms questing dungeon combo or prot dungeon only? I do have all heirlooms for dps not tanking.
The heirlooms dps questing while in queue will *probably* be fastest but it depends on what you enjoy most because you will likely play what you enjoy more than you would what you don't :D

/cheers and happy leveling
DPS heirlooms don't work very well when tanking, so if you choose the "level as a tank solely through dungeons" route, you'll want to pick up applicable gear as you go. You'll lose the leveling bonus, but you won't risk getting kicked every time you queue because you're wearing the wrong items and therefore possibly having trouble as a tank.

If you want the full benefit of your heirlooms, I'd say go Arms & quest while in the queue.

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