Holy Paladin Leveling Issue

Arriving at this thread a little late, but I was searching for some discussion of our holy's lack of aoe. I really appreciated things like Glyph of Harsh Words which supported those of us who prefer to level holy, but the lack of aoe was truly a pain. I just dinged 90 today, so I don't know yet whether Holy Prism is going to give the aoe needed to make dailies a little easier. I was very frustrated today on that daily with the fatty goat steaks because time and time again the entire pack of goats that spawned was grabbed by someone else's aoe. And, as others have mentioned, being swarmed by a pack of low health mobs that have to be single targeted down is not fun.

I used holy wrath for the stun and consecrate to grab mobs and break stealth all the time. I'd love to see these abilities returned to us, if they are not considered balance issues.

@Tiraslin, I knew exactly what you meant when you said you leveled holy from level 1. Although technically we didn't choose a spec until level 10, I healed my questing partner from the time I got my very first healing spell, which was level 1 or 2 back then, I believe. I didn't even try ret or prot out until I reached max level, and decided I hadn't missed out on anything. I'm happy to level holy even though it means killing a little slower, my only gripe is the current lack of aoe.
I wont rehash everything that has been spoken here. All i have to say it i completely agree. Sure, i can survive just about anything, but man is it a pain to level my holy pally. Some sort of viable AoE would be nice.
I've created three videos about this:


I'm surprised that:

(a) Blizzard let MoP go live without giving Holy some kind of AoE---it's not like them to drop the ball like that,
(b) Blizzard hasn't given Holy some kind of AoE in one of the minor bug-fix patches between 5.0 and 5.1---though they still might; it's only been three weeks since go-live,
(c) Blizzard hasn't addressed this issue in any visible way in 5.1, either.

Of course, it could be subject to change.
09/28/2012 11:06 AMPosted by Chokehold
Since dynamic loot rewards require you to adhere to a particular spec in order to obtain upgrades, I have been leveling as Holy.

You can change spec at turn-in.

^This is what I did. It's a pain but it's effective. I hope they implement some system where it also looks at your inactive spec and gives you a loot option for that as well.
Even at level 90, I feel like I'm being forced to choose Light's Hammer while I'm soloing, because I don't have any AoE damage if I don't. There aren't supposed to be any must-have talents!
Hard to believe Blizzard let 5.1 go live without so much as a word about this issue, let alone an actual solution. How many man-hours could it have taken to slip Consecration back into Holy's kit?
I just find it odd that a long time a go holy was the only way to get any form of AoE for paladin. It was desided the AoE was too important of a tool for just holy to have so consceration was made basline.
Now however we don't have any AoE, with no real reason why we don't have one.

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