Monk Weapon Placement Feedback

At the very least, Glyph of Jab should make the staffs be normal.
09/29/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Tsunâde
banging into your behind.

Yeah, they need to adjust this a little, this isn't even on my back, it's glued to my shoulder.
I just want to be able to use my bloody fist weps while attacking PLEASE :D
09/29/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Tsunâde
banging into your behind.
Well they do. Its either there or in your lower back. Its so bad. >.<
+1 I am really put off by the placement and wish at least for some kind of option to place them elsewhere or make them disappear from my back. The clipping through the back of my female Panda's head/hair is truly distracting.
So far, every pre-MoP staff model looks comical on my back. I would have gouged out my eyes by now, if I didn't have the lvl 20 Monk MoP quest staff, to transmog every staff upgrade into. Most shorter one-handed swords look sad also on my back, so I quested for a nifty, long-bladed, one-handed Katana for future transmog purposes.
So far, every pre-MoP staff model looks comical on my back. I would have gouged out my eyes by now, if I didn't have the lvl 20 Monk MoP quest staff, to transmog every staff upgrade into.

I felt the exact same way. Eventually I got fed up though and bought the intel mace heirloom thinking that since I couldnt duel wield as a Mistweaver that it wouldnt be on my back.....Yeah, suffice to say I wasnt a very happy camper. XD

Whats really annoying me now though is that since Ive gotten to Pandaria Ive run across some very pretty staffs but theyre ruined for me. Example: Staff of Trembling Will is awesome but on my monk it looks horrible. >_<

How did anyone think this looked alright and let it go live?
I'm inclined to agree. Having staves upside down on your character looks awkward to say the least due to the usually elaborate and large tops they have. Yes, it may be more realistic, but these staves are nowhere near realistic to begin with and just look silly upside down.
09/27/2012 12:47 AMPosted by Tsunâde
The upside down staffs make anything other than a stick look really awkward,

i have a staff on this character where literally the tip is barely touching the top of my shoulder and the rest is jutting off into the air.

it realllly awkward looking but i know its because that staff model happens to have the grip near the top rather than in the middle, which is an issue
So any Blue news anywhere about this yet? You'd thing there would at least be something!
I really think allowing the placement to switch to normal with a glyph is a really simple solution to this. I understand some people like the weapon placement, but a lot of people don't. Adding it into a glyph would make those of us who hate it happy while allowing those who like the current placement to keep it.
yes weapon placement is a little off but i agree more that useing our weapons for any form of attack should be changed... when i think of jab i think of a quick fist strike not a strike with a weapon...and honestly i hate the flow. when we use jab then another ability it just looks stupid. its like " im gunna hit you with my stick then wait...let me put it away now so i can kick you...ok now i need to hit you with my stick again but when im done let me put it away again so i can punch you...." if they maybe made some type of flow between using a weapon and then holstering it to use fists it might work....but right now i say weapons should just stay holstered and never used...also using fist weapons they should always be drawn while attacking....just makes sence. the mechanics of the monk is cool but the use of weapons and how they are shown needs to change... please blizz consider permenantly holstering monks weapons unless using fist weapons.
dun change Hailstorm going to be sweet when i get swords to xmog to it.
10/12/2012 09:18 AMPosted by Razielle
please blizz consider permenantly holstering monks weapons

You should get Glyph of Jab. Its wont fix any of the weird ways some weapons holster but at least it wont pull them out in combat.
So I guess they intend to just keep these weapons messed up. How nice...
I just ask of you who want weapon placement changed, to ask for options, not outright change. I happen to like the way I wear all forms of weapons, and would be sad to see it changed.

The clipping issues, its been around for a while. Mounts suffer the most from it I think, getting diced up by random weapons poking them in random areas. My guess it is kind of a limitation of the game engine. Making the weapons and other items not clip things, like your panda head or my poor dragon, would mean making them move when they come into contact with things like that.

I mean, even belt worn weapons are often clipping into leg armor, mounts, and other things. To me it is just something about this game you have to over look, and perhaps let your imagination work a little bit.

To be honest, I'd love to see them make weapon placement a transmogrification option, along with choosing our weapon enchants. I also wouldn't mind wearing 1 handed weapons on my warrior's back, or perhaps carry a Staff or Polearm over my shoulders,
After seeing some of the suggestions people have posted here I agree with you Bucho. Options (instead of outright change) and some placement fixes are a good idea. I love the idea of Glyph of Jab being tweaked so that your weapons no longer show at all. OR they holster normally since you no longer use then when you fight.

That and fixing placements would help a ton. Stuff like needs to be fixed for sure.

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