Monk Weapon Placement Feedback

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Man....i was looking forward to using this
Keyblade anyone?
Aw man, I totally tried to use that staff. But noooo, it looks bad on my monk. It sticks too high up on her back. T_T
Weapons on the back are awesome. Please leave them be though I wish we could use them more often like the staff. Just wish I could sheath my pally's sword on his back.
My current weapon looks like I had some orc slam it through my back during a battle. I need to remember to get a tome of clear mind to take off the glyph of jab. That way during combat I don't look quite as silly.
It depends on the staff/polearm. Some of them are WAY up in the air while others look just fine.
I don't mind the upside down weapon, just needs to be a little lower if possible.
It depends. Like my current staff looks FANTASTIC on the back as it is.

On the other, some staves look absolutely god-awful on the back.
Need black ice... Anyone seen how it looks on blood elf monks, male or female?
I love how 1 handed weapons are on the back! It looks amazing! The 1hnd weapons on the back is something that I feel makes the monk unique. Now the staves could use some tweaking.
Really? Maybe they look different on humans because on Pandas they look super weird. How do 2 beer keg maces stack like that?! It isnt natural!
I really think they need to change it back. All staves I have had on live and beta look ridiculous. Maces look ....less ridiculous but still really bad. The only one i don't mind so far are swords, they sit just fine.

Also just saying anyone saying the 1 handeds on the back make it unique are wrong, phantom blade and several other swords and daggers and a few axes are all on placed on the back for any class.
I was rocking 2 Ghoul Slicers and the way they line up, coupled with their general hugeness, almost mad it look like I had a second cloak.
Seems Blizz is just gonna ignore it. Guess Im not surprised.
Totaly agree, im forced to use polerarms cuz i cant stand it when its siting on my neck/shoulder >_< its a !@#$% to find good mogs that holster right
I wish i could see my fist weps :(
I was really hoping they would make it so monks dont have to use weapons period and just built that damage into our chi generators and finishers. But, at least we get a break from the monotony of everyone else's weapon placements. Fine as is.
i enjoy some of the 1 handers but alot of the staves dont look right...its like you have to use the kind of staves that look weird on normal people for it to look normal on a monk..
Please Blizz, fix this so i can stop walking around with a lighting rod on my back.
The only reason I run 2H all the time is because even though the weapons are higher up, it doesn't look as odd as having a pole with 1/3 actually attached to you. Not to mention, Mage-Oriented Staves tend to look odd on monks in general (at least in early game)... "My staff is blistering with Arcane energies.... eh, I'll just smack them with it."

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