Where is the Pandaria pvp vendor?

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I was just wondering where the new pvp venodr is, and if it's at the Great Wall, i can't see him anywhere. :x
Apparently the honor vendor isn't live yet. Probably next Tuesday.
Ah, crummy.
Yeah, I had 4k Honor and 4k JP-waiting-to-be-converted-to-honor burning a hole in my pocket :S.

I bought a single upgrade with JP, both because that's all I had the rep for and because I wanted to not waste any JP I get from running heroics between now and then.
is there a pvp vendor yet? if so anyone know the name of the mob? whereabouts?
Allies: (12.1, 34.2) Serpent's Spine Wall/Vally of Four Winds Border

Horde: (35.5. 83.4) Serpent Spine Wall/Kun Lai Summit

If you still have trouble finding it ... go to Shado-Pan Fallback ... (44.4, 90.6 Kun-Lai Summit) ... this is the place you did the Shado-Pan quest where you rescued the four people from their houses in the sha infested area. The Shado-Pan master is inside a stone block building attached to the big Wall.

If you didn't go to the roof of that building and get the Fly Point, you can do that now. You don't need a flying mount to get to the quartermasters, you can fly into Shado-Pan Fallback FP and ride ... but it's a long way.

The Horde quartermasters are two blockhouses up the wall to the northwest from here. It has red banners with the MOP styled Horde insignia on it.

The Allied quartermasters are much further away, down the wall to the south. (You change zones along the way, so if you are using coordinates they will switch over as you go.) First you will come to a big blockhouse where Shado-Pan and Krik'Thik warriors are fighting. If you're riding, you can get through easily, but try to avoid single warriors as they will attack you.

Continue down the wall. After one or two more structures, you come into a blockhouse that forces you to take a left turn ... and then the wall ends at a big blockhouse. However, you can edge around this to the right and jump down to the lower level where the wall continues. (This is the blockhouse with the Gate of the Setting Sun Dungeon in it. There's a Fly Point here, too, which makes it easier the next time.)

The Alliance quartermasters are in the second blockhouse south of here. Like the Horde place, there's a banner on the front of the building.

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