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Hey Guys -

I apologize now if this is in the wrong forum, but it kinda made sense to me to put it here. I could be wrong, though (been known to happen).

Anyways, I've been trying to come up with a useful Pet Battle addon but I'm not quite sure what that might. I know the Pet frame could use some enhancements but there's already an addon for that. Beyond that, I really am drawing a blank.

I've been itching to create an addon, and I think this is probably one area that could really use some helpful addons, but I'm not sure what those might be. Does anyone have any suggestions, or anything they'd like to see?

Many thanks ahead of time :P
Honestly, I tried a similar endeavor and was probably half way done with my addon when I realized I had been beaten to the punch and that most of the nice Pet Battle features I wanted were already out there (see: Pokemon Trainer, PetJournal Enhanced, PetBattleQualityGlow, and BattlePetCount).
Looking through the list of addons I use for pet battles, and your list, it seems you might be right Simca. There's just so much out there already. Kinda sad, though, as I really want to scratch this itch to create an addon :)
I would LOVE an addon to remind me that I have a dead pet or to show a frame on my UI of my pets health lol. I always forget to heal/revive them.
Is there an add on that tells you the rarity of the pet you are battling? There was an awesome one in beta but the guy gave up on it, and the other one didn't work right. I think that would be useful.
We are looking for an addon that might extract information about pet health, power, and speed by level into a txt document so it can be uploaded to a database site. has some ideas for pet battle tools online.
An addon that keeps track of A: Uncommon-Rare quality of wild battle pets, B:What you have and dont have flitering through minimap and locations with known spawns of certain pets and C: "Raid warnings" that tell you when a pet may start spawning via requirements like "[Sinister Shadeling] requirement met" and when the requirement is no longer present, "[Sinister Shadeling] on despawn". These are what's needed all crammed into one addon.
I've actually been putting together an idea for an addon and needed someone to do the coding. Email me or add me on realID and we can talk. phyros_the_grey (at)
09/27/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Hrodberht
Pet Battle Quality Glow doesn't work, at least for me. If I don't have the latest version, then i don't know where to get it, because afaik there is only one link.

you've been posting this in numerous threads. You seem to be the only person having trouble with this addon.

When you're on your character selection screen, are you popping up the Addons list and checking "Load Out of Date Addons"?

that's the only extra step to get battle quality glow to work.
You can also change the Interface number in the .toc file to the current value. I'm unsure what the current number is (it will be 5 digits and start with a '5'. I'm guessing it will be 50004, but that is a wild guess), but that will 'trick' the game into loading the AddOn as being current without having to load out-of-date addons.

You can easily find the number by going into your Interface/Addons folder and finding one that you're using at the moment and looking in it's .toc file. I'd be happy to do it for you, but I'm at work at the moment. Perhaps someone can look it up?

If you need more help with this, stop by the Macros and Addons forum - those guys will be able to assist you very quickly and easily. Hope this helped!
A pokedex like addon that shows you what spawns in the zone you're in, what conditions and with what usual back up. Particularly what rare pets are in that zone.

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