Free Transfers, how many are leaving?

How well do you guys think this will help the overpopulation, I haven't even bothered trying to play my KT toons since the expac hit because I expected the queue times and apparently was right. What % of people do you guys expect to transfer? It's sounding like everyone is jumping the gun and running for the door, but if everyone does that then you're in the same boat you were in just with a different server name >.<
Sigh, idk yet, il prolly transfer 1 or 2 toons but i have to think about it.
idk how many are leaving but i know enough have left to formed a guild on AM called KT refugees. seems to be a decent number i heard triforce hm was leaving as well as another guild, i figure a decent # will actually because honestly i have been on for about 3 hours and only had 1 alliance attack my druid and i killed him.
Waiting in queue is only part and a temporary problem... now try questing as Horde in pandaria... impossible... over 95% of the players are alliance and many/most are jerks on top of that... I may be moving all my toons away so just i can level...
I might its a little crazy trying to level might have a chat with the guild leader later.

Maybe we can have a cease fire in pandaland? Like we don't kill you you don't kill us? lol
ok i'll admit the alliance still have a slight pop favor...but with the # of ex KT horde here it si VERY close to balanced now. Frankly i love it atm...Alliance generally leave you alone as long as you leave them alone....just trying to lvl and get much better than spend 150$ to go to a new server.
I moved all my characters. Definitely way better over on AM.
I moved into Org. Who knew they had a tasty smoothie machine???

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