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I was playing wow and took time out to install a new modem and power down wow on my MBP. Once i go the wireless modem i did the usual checked some websites (including this one) to make sure all was running correctly. Naturally all has working and i even can log into my battlenet account (this one)

I boot up wow and get an issue where it hangs at connecting, 10 minutes later it is still connecting. I type in the wrong password and it instantly pops up that this is the wrong password please check etc etc.

So I went and booted up GW2 and sure enough it says a new IP address (because of new modem) is trying to access your account. Resetting the game through their safeguards i was able to access GW2.

I hace checked my account for wow and it has not stated the account is locked due to suspicious activity.

Thus I am now stuck at "connecting" anyone can help me out?
I'm having the same issue so I don't think it's connected to your modem. I was playing just before a rolling restart (estimated 15 min) and now when I try to log back in it hangs at "connecting". Think it's a Blizzard issue.
im having the same issue right now. i put a ticket in but that will be 3-5 days from now. ive done everything i can think of and im not being able to log in since the restart. glad to see my 15 a month is going to good use
This is being investigated. Thanks for the reports.
Exactly the same issue here. I remember this happening with a few previous patches, it was fixed quick smart so i'm not worried.
same here, since the restart i cant log in... nice
Thought it was just me, or my connection. Nice to see it is other too after the restart
Yup! same issued here =( tried to log into play and i cant get past connecting haha
Im having the same problem. so hopefully blizzard will fix it soon.
Same here, stuck at the connecting screen since the server restart.
Also having this problem.
Me too! :-(
same here
IN...thank you bliz
Same here. I was playing just fine when they issued the server restart. I logged out with about 1:45 until server reboot. Now i'm unable to log back in. I get the dialog box that says "connecting".
Me tooooo :( and just updated and desperate to see MoP....
noooooo hurry hurry hurry fix it ... plz
Same here. Was playing last night, just tried to log in now, didn't know there was a server restart. Weird that it says the server is up too.
i LOVE how this happens as soon as i get home. on top of que times, my account being hacked, waiting on tickets, loading screen bugs making my character unplayable, i have lost most of my time card fixing this. it bothers me how i pay 15$ a month and pay for the expansion and literally half my playin time is wasted for frustration. UGHUGHGUGH if it werent for my love of this beautiful game id end my subscription right now!
OMG im off work today and my gf gets home in a few hrs !! this was suppose to be MY TIME!!!!

Oh the Irony
Stuck on connecting... Glad to see it's everyone before I started rebooting my whole computer.

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