stuck on connecting

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Same here. I thought it was me so I signed into Team Fortress on Steam and that worked just fine. Hope it is fixed soon.
09/27/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Machkhan
This is being investigated. Thanks for the reports.

=( Macs get investigated, but PCs do not?
Was able to log in 20 minutes before the restart and now stuck on the "Connecting" screen.
cant log in today since the restarts :/
I'm having the same issue. :(

However, I can log in on my mobile armor app...weird?
Same issue. No connecting.

I'm a sad panda. :(
I'm having the same issue. :(

However, I can log in on my mobile armor app...weird?

Yeah, noticed that, too. :(
This happened last week after restarts. Some people were able to get in by leaving it on "connecting" for about 10 minutes.
Having the same Problem. Stuck on the connecting screen
I know it's probably because of realm restarts, but I've been sitting at connecting for about 30 minutes now.

Don't know if it matters, I'm using the 64-bit client.
Lemme just chime in here and say... Yes, all of the above, and even more.
Yeah, I'm stuck in connecting hell as well. Damn! Gf just left for work too. :D Guess I'll go play another game that is working. ;)
lol@sad panda
I am having the same problem. was online then booted off for the rolling restart came back 20 min. later and get stuck at connecting.
HELP! Stuck at connecting
im stuck on that right now , it sucks :(
i gotta leave for work soon, all i wwanted to do was check my Auctions:(
Cranky dwarf here stuck on connecting. I need to vent my frustrations and anger. Oh wait, that is why I play WOW
Confirmed. Stuck on waiting to connect. I wonder if this has to deal with the authentication servers.

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