Position in queue....

Ok now Blizz! time to up the cap on llidan population
Position in queue 2375, meh no big deal!..... but but but! i kinda wana play Wow now!!!
Time to go watch some criminal minds.
I was 2,400 I am now almost 3 hours latter 1,125. Between posting and watching Pawn Stars its gone fast. I COULD be leveling my druid from 88 to 90 on Silvermoon but I am loving monk tanking so I will wait in line :D
Pawn stars= awesome show right there, Don't forget to go and get your turtle mount Mistweavers
I did, but they are all labled wrong >_> I can not wait to hit 40 to get my fast ones!


Also, I noticed I can use the Ally Chopper. I am eagerly awaiting to get in the game and see if I really can use it.
2455 right now. I really need to set up remote desktop to my phone so I can queue up when I'm out like 3 hours before I want to play.
Yeah set the cap a bit higher. We don't mind the lag, we just wanna play <3
904 and still waiting strong! FOR THE HORDE!!
227 now! But I am getting tired :<
well my only suggestion to you......

If I recall correctly, queues disappeared pretty quickly after Cata release, did they upgrade the server or something then? If so, they should do something similar this time. Or maybe I just completely imagined that...
I was sick earlier today slept from like 6am to 8pm :< How I am tired now is beyond me, I think I am getting bored lol.
I MADE IT!!!! Now time to tank the !@#$ out of dungeons.
561..... common i wana lvl!
Back in the queue again!
1782 hohoho.
2259 :/

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