Which is the better pet?

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I have 2 Sporeling Sprouts who are both uncommon:

health 916
power 204
speed 163

health 1120
power 163
speed 163

Is the second one better because of its health? Or the first because of its power?

Also do all pets in the world have a blue version? So could I find a blue version of this also? When both of these reach max level will the have 100% the same stats? And what are the types of pets in the world? Poor, uncommon, rare? Is that all. Thanks.
Every Pet you can go out and catch has a Blue Verson. I would reccomend the one with more power.
neither is better, it all depends on what type of pet u are looking for cuz one is more defensive then the other is more offensive. so base on the pets abilities u want the stats to compliment that

easy example would be turtles most people will want a tanky one with high speed and hitpoints as opposed to a high attack good speed and low hitpoints
So is blue the highest a pet can be in the wild? Are pets from quests/achievements blue? If I see my pet in AH is that the color it is? And is the macow a purple quality pet like it shows to be in the AH? Thanks.
nope there are no epic quality pets just epic quality items to carry them around as once they are turned into a pet they will be rare (regarding the macaw and other "epic" pets)
So the pets I see in the AH that are blue or green minus the macaw are their color? I only ask since they don't show the quality for quests/achievements pets in the journal.
There's no easy answer to that. It's going to take a while to reverse-engineer how the stats actually affect each ability and how those abilities stack and interact. The answer may even change depending on what you are fighting against. And that's assuming there aren't any stealth tweaks in the formulas by the devs.

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