Lost and found?

Collected over a dozen of these "Hidden" Lootables. A cache,a handful of greys none have counted for the achievement but that is not what this post is about.

Tablet of Ren Yun.

Any information on this item? I have been sitting at its spawn-point for almost 6hr now wondering if anyone knows the spawn time on these things.
I managed to get Lost and Found to work with the Barrel of Banana Infused Rum, but the other 8 treasures I've looted (Stack of Papers, Terracota Head, Rikktik's Tick Remover, Lost Adventurer's Belongings, The Hammer of Folly, Ancient Mogu Tablet, Hozen Treasure Cache, and Mo-mo's Treasure Chest) did not advance this achievement.

It is possible you need to loot white or blue treasures, but if so, I don't think there are enough to get the 20 treasures acheivement done, as is.

If this is an achievement that needs a bug fix (which I suspect it is), treasure spawns will also need to be reset (since the grey ones appear to be personal spawns).

The white and better drops appear to be rival spawns (others can see). But again, I'm not sure on either of these details.

I have not had any luck on the Tablet of Ren Yun either, yet.
Ive looted a couple as well. Only one i remember specifically is the Hammer of Folly. Still dont have the achiv Lost and Found.
There are 2 types of items:

There are the 'secret' items, such as the grey loot or containers of gold. These just give 15k to 305k experience and 10g to approx 120g gold. Think of these as quest rewards without a quest that everyone can loot once. They are an excellent bonus for your alts if you remember where they are when leveling them through the zone.

Then there are the 'treasures', the useful items like cooking recipes or BOA gear. These are the ones that count towards the achievement. These ones are not lootable by everyone, but are first-in-wins.
im wondering what respawn timer is on all these. also is it 1 up at a time throughout pandaria or can there be a couple different spawns at same time. are they all on same timer or their own?

i camped 1 spot 5 hours last night for nothing :( unfortanatly the 1 i want for my druid is in extremly busy spot cause of dailies ran off of mobs there :( so that 1 is gonna be like impossible for my poor druid :( the other day i camped that spot for a few hours to but soooooo many people there doing dailies i gave up so i started camping another spot to get a boa for a up and coming toon
There's exactly 22 of the white/blue items, and the achievement 'only' needs 20.
i could probbably help considering i have got most of the weapons and i got them and sold some saved 2 for this rogue which weapon is it
The lost and found items for the relic hunter achievement i'm pretty sure there is always 4 of them up throughout pandaria. Also you can't see them once you've looted them once (per character). I found the easiest way to do this achievement quickly (and get the title) is to have a group of friends who haven't discovered many or any of the items and assign 1 person per zone in pandaria. Have them fly back and forth between all the spawn points of items until they have all of them. Take turns in the zones and you're done.

I didn't figure this out until after I got the achievement and helped friends, but i'm pretty sure you could get them all in a few hours.

As for the vendor items, I have no clue. a few of them are one time per character and are there no matter what, and some seem to respawn.

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