Playing Wow off my time capsule wirelessly

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I had played like this before but it never really quite worked for me. But now in MoP, it works great. I actually get better fps (45-65) in org playing off my TC. and my MBP doesn't heat up as much because the hard drive is used less. The game it self seems to run smoother than when it was on my laptop.

The launcher takes a few extra moments to boot up same with the login screen, but once logged in it runs smoothly, even in bgs and dungeons and of course ORG.

I think it is more because of the all around optimization of the wow client. Playing like this however, my computer better Handles the recomended settings. i used to just turn them all to lowest settings.
How did you do this exactly, i dont have a TC yet but I am getting one soon and if i can do this.. it'll be amazing
well when you get it after you set it up you can share the drive over the network. then copy your wow folder over to the drive. This took about 30 mins for me. I have 20mbs internet, dunno if that changes anything.

But yea then i drag the icon from the wow launcher icon from the wow folder ad put it on my bar. open and good to go. no problems with lag or the disc shutting down. only slightly slow on start up before login.

i have a 2009 mbp, and i think it runs better this way. diablo 3 as well. My computer totally stays colder (because of less strain on internal hardrive). but the quaility it is probaley just me.

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