<Duality> LFM Quality Players for MoP !!

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6/6N Heart of Fear cleared ! Heroics Next week !
Grats on world first HoF clear :3 and GL in heroics
10/31/2012 05:34 PMPosted by Terezipyrope
Grats on world first HoF clear :3 and GL in heroics

Ty :) GL to you as well
haha I just pug anyways so I'm not getting any where this xpac.
I loathe you Tere
11/01/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Cathuulord
I loathe you Tere

and.... UP.

We need a few... very few.

I keep thinking about a retirement, not sure if that will happen as life is finally mellowing, but lets see a real priest app. An oldschool, real priest app.

I'll consider it if we see one.

(dsc is getting old, not sure if I want to continue forever. but I sure as heck can, and will and have!) The guild is great, good folks, good progression and just solid in general, and priests are getting a buff. I will back one I feel does better than I am capable, and is a good fit. Or.... I'll just keep on keeping on, feel rejuvinated and carry on this tier and next. It's really a cry out to a real sleeper on the server.... who might do it better and has the time to =)

Bump son!
A free grats-related bump.

Keep it up in heroic modes fellas!
Congratulations Duality! Just saw the post on MMO Champion!

Keep up the great work.
Yeah, well I got 4th place DPS on raidfinder last night in 459 ilvl. And I kick Liax's !@# in tetris.

Get on my level.
I'm going to go home, loop gangnam style, and play until I crush your score.
Grats on World First Normal HoF clear, it's been a long time since I've last seen ranks like that for ZJ, proud to have you on my server--keep up the great work!
It was a pleasant surprise to see Zul'jin with a world first clear, congrats guys :)
Don't worry, I have returned

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