A slight dilemma

ok, so I switched over to lock because my raid group needed one. This character will be my new main for MoP.

However, I seem to be struggling with dps in dungeons so far.

On some boss fights I am able to pull around 30k, while others which restrict me a little and my dps is really bad. However even when I am pulling 30k, there are others pulling way higher O_o

I have no addons yet but I am going to be getting fortexorcist to help keep track of my dots even though I am not having that big of a problem keeping them up, its more or less I don't get time to channel my fillers which I feel might be a problem :s

however my main question is ... does it get better ?
Since Warlocks are pretty much the highest simming overall class besides Mages, you shouldnt be having any problems. Every lock that I've had in groups, including myself has no trouble with damage.
so this is more of a lrn2play issue then
09/28/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Boxxybabéé
so this is more of a lrn2play issue then

Yeah, the rotation changes once you hit 90 it seems. I tried giving tips based on my own experience and got told off for it. :P
Well I can see how pandemic would be a dps increase , however I have not yet reached 90.

however, I could use some times as its my first time playing lock really .. it seems the fights with heavy movement are the worst for me so far
also, at 87 with 402 equipped, approx what dps should I be doing ?

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