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Hi there,

I've been in Pearlfin Village and done all of the quests in there up to and including killing the Chief Hozen guy in the pit. I come back, hand my quest in no problems get my dagger and I have no quests left. I then go to the Jade Temple and find no quests there either.

I asked in general chat, and someone said it was buggy so I relogged several times and reloaded my ui. Nothing worked. Help?!?
Having the same exact issue... ran up to some instance and glitched inside it... waiting for my rock on CD before I can hearth out.... <cry>
Having the same issue
You'll want to post in the bug report forum then Thbrius.
My Paladin has the same situation, I opened a ticket and was told to do all the usual things, which I had already done and then was referred to for Quest Tracking which as far as I can tell does not have any information on MoP quests. After killing Gukgut and all the other monkeys, turned in those quests, received my weapon but am unable to talk to the flight NPC to go on to Dawn's Blossom. I've done this quest line successfully on my Mage, Priest and Druid, so it's not my client.
Same. Wth?
Same. Wth?

Exit the game, clear your WoW cache, then relog and see if you can talk to the flightmaster then.

And next time, you'll need to create your own thread as the issue in this one is from last year. :)

Also, I don't think talking to the flightmaster is mandatory for progression. You can simply mount up and run to Dawn's Blossom if needed.
08/14/2013 06:37 PMPosted by Soulrenderer

Same on this character or same on your monk? In many instances there isn't actually an issue, the person is either not looking in the correct spot or doesn't notice that they already have what they need.

For instance, your monk has a quest called, "I Have No Jade and I Must Scream". Completing that one will make available two others "Calamity Jade" and "Mann's Man". Continuing on that quest line will eventually lead you to the Temple of the Jade Serpent but you are not yet there.


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yeah I am kinda stuck too I have no more quests and hunted for some. I guess i will have to run to that place too. Cause the only place I can fly too is back to the paw village.
I ran out and found the blossom village myself and finally got more quests. I definitely think there is an issue with the game as usually you are sent up on a follow up mission that leads you to your next quest set.

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