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Area 52
I've been playing this game for years now. You'd think I would learn that this always happens, that I shouldn't even bother playing for the first three weeks, but I don't. I have to be a nerd and log the minute it goes live and wait in the sky for the darn invisible blimp to show.

Now, I do have to hand it to Blizz. With the exception of that weird glitchy start last night, the game runs super good/smooth/non-laggy for an expansion launch. :)

And as for my wait time. Been here 40 mins. I'm at 617. Not even going to pay attention to the estimated time as that is BS. >_> It changes from 10-80 minutes every so often.
The wait time is now + 61 minutes.
Let's have a party!


Position 939....some people need to log out and go to bed.
I've been Q for like 2 hours -_-
Third trip into the que, got on instantly earlier and went afk for a drink (not aware of the que), then afk again to cook dinner. Good times

EDIT: On a second note, I hate cooking lamb chops, there's barely any meat on the bone, horrible compromise to be forced into the que line.
i had a FFFFUUUU moment, 1hr on queue and almost there with number 104 and then internet connection lost..... your new number is 1768......

This is a signal, no play for you on launch day...
I honestly don't' plan on staying here between the que times and the fact it takes 2 hours to do one quest because of how many people are also doing them.
Been on A52 for about 4 years now, and just now got a que. Currently 299 with 7min wait time.

I've heard Illidan and KT and Tich have 2-3hour ques. =/
i had an hr wait lastnight and again today can we plz get a free char migration to a lower server plzzzzzzzzzzz.
I've been on Area 52 since its creation back when burning crusade came out. We've had a queue almost every expansion. Nothing new. Doesn't mean it isn't old as crap now. Seriously why do they over fill servers? Its not like they don't have the money to create more servers. Server caps should be put in....sooooo annoying to wait. I waited all damn day to play now I have to wait some more. I know QQ right? *pouts*
I wouldn't mind it so much if this server wasn't 90% horde. I bet maybe half of the horde here didn't even start horde. Poor poor alliance
Oh FFS people... you should expect this. That's why you get your login queue going BEFORE you want to play. So when you get home from work... login and while you're waiting... get your swampbutt washed off, stomach fed, and clean up around the house.

Or just sit there watching the queue as if you were watching paint dry..... while you pick at invisible bugs on your arms, twitch, and murmer to yourself during a furious rocking session that will surely test the weight limits of the chinese made plastic legs on your office depot sidewalk sale computer chair.
This is BS 1600 people in queue...... WTF. Blizz should have locked the server long ago.
Yes, I agree. Lovely to be on a full server, raid with your guild all through Cata, and then try to play on your server when MOP comes out and have a queue that prevents you from doing it. I'm not transferring servers, my guild is on Area 52. They should have locked the server before MOP came out IMO.
You, too? I put that sh#t on everything, too!
i haven't seen a q since wrath that lets you know the game is good
they should put a52 on the list of servers we can transfer from for free i like this server but if its gonna be like this all mop then im movin one way or another
09/27/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Trïck
they should put a52 on the list of servers we can transfer from for free i like this server but if its gonna be like this all mop then im movin one way or another

It is

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