how do i get back to pandora?

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So I accidently hearthed, how do I return?
There's a port to take you back, located close to the various cata ones

skip to 1:35
Yeah I'm not seeing the portal
Pandora = Avatar
Pandaria = WoW

Know your fiction.
Pandora = Avatar
Pandaria = WoW

Know your fiction.

Actually, Pandora = Hesiod around 800 BC. You were close, not even off by quite three thousand years.
OMG wow im sooooo sorry fling. / sarcasm
!@#$ing nerds.
You'll have to venture to the back of Orgrimmar ma'lady. If your kind dares to tread that path you will find the way.
You know where the Panda NPCs hang out in Orgrimmar? The portal is over by them.
pandora = borderlands, actually.
Holy necro thread, Batman!
I created a level 90 character and I do not see a portal in the Pandaria NPC area? Do I need a quest or something to have the portal show up?

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