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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Just as the title says I'm a shadow priest that is looking for an Oceanic server guild due to my working 3rd shift. For me to be able to join the guild it would have to start no earlier and end no later than these times:

(Do remember these are just my availability hours, I wouldn't expect to raid 7 days a week nor would I expect to raid as long as these times for the most part)

CST first:
Sunday - 0700-1300
Monday - 0600-1300
Tuesday - 0600-1300
Wednesday - 0600-1300
Thursday - 0600-1300
Friday - 0600-1430
Saturday - 0400-1300

Sunday - 2300-0500
Monday - 2200-0500
Tuesday - 2200-0500
Wednesday - 2200-0500
Thursday - 2200-0500
Friday - 2200-0630
Saturday - 2000-0500

When I downed madness we were at the 20% nerf at that point; I'm coming from a 25m guild and I would prefer to remain in a 25m guild but I have raided in both sizes in Cataclysm and am comfortable raiding in either or. I will not go Alliance under any circumstance, just my preference have been Horde since day 1 and am not changing that. I have a DK tank/DPS which I can play like a main, in case if we need some kinda change-up to get a boss down or have some kind of attendance issue. (I have other alts, just haven't played them enough to be comfortable enough on them at this point in time, although my mage is getting there since I caught on pretty quickly to those class mechanics.) The DK is also going to be the 2nd toon I level after this one hits 90 by Thursday at the latest. Also to ensure you read this, as I always read every last bit of replies to my threads and I read through your guild sites once I know you read it, give me the peace of mind knowing you read it by simply stating what your favorite comedy movie is.
Hello, We are currently recruiting a few players for raid content. We raid around 7:30pm Aus time, look me up on dreadmaul for more info.

Btw we are horde
A Feast for Crows is a +10 GMT guild and we are looking for a shadow priest for our 10man raid team, currently nothing down but hope to progress quickly through normals and get into heroics. We are on Jubei'thos.

raid times~
Thursday 7:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST
Saturday 7:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST

-As a raider you are required to have 100% attendance.
-All members are treated the same.
-you need to be able to show up 15minutes before raid and be at the raid to start pulling the first trash pack at 7 Sharp

If you are interested please add me on Michael#11705 or you can contact me at Apoc1795@gmail.com
<Vicious Cycle> is a 10 man raiding guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 1/6 MV in the first week on 1 day when a lot of us were undergeaed, we will be hitting MV hard this week and get 6/6. We have gotten 8/8HM in June Due to issues with our raiding roster and would really like to push content now and be one of the top guilds. atm we are in need of a good spriest. We will be doing a Fresh MV on Sunday.

Raiding Times:
Weds/thurs/sun 1am svt to 3:30 am svt.

If you are interested add me on real ID: rooshilkalra@hotmail.com
Hi :)

I really don't know what my favorite comedy is... maybe Clueless? lol

Anyways, if there is any way you could raid 10 am CST - 2 pm CST instead keep on reading! Go to bed an hour later :P

Exiled from Hell is a 25man daytime raiding guild on Runetotem (PvE). During progression we raid monday, wednesday, thursday and friday during the times I mentioned. We are currently 6/6 in Mogu'shan and excited to start heroic progression on wednesday and for this we are currently recruiting all exceptional DPS, but a good shadow priest would be extra good!

If this sounds interesting read more about us and apply at efhguild.com. If you have any questions after reading on our website don't hesitate to contact me in game Miska#1860 or any of the other officers.

Hope to hear from you!

- Miska

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