Need 2 Guild Signatures (Alliance)

I almost feel silly asking here on the forums, but I've had no luck spamming trade ;). I don't play much anymore and the guilds I was affiliated with have gone horde, transferred servers, etc. Long story short, I'm making a guild for me and a few of my friends who are still around, but I still need 2 more signatures for the charter.

If anyone would be willing to help even on a random alt it would be greatly appreciated. I can thank you in gold if that's what will help persuade you (100g)! And just for the record, you wont be staying in the guild. It's hardly going to be a hardcore raiding guild. It'll just be for me and a few of my friends.
Oh and I'll be on now for a little while on this char. Just send me a tell. I'll likely be in Stormwind.

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