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Illidan (Horde) PvP > Mug'Thol (Horde) PvP

Both with 90%+ Horde. I guess Blizzard doesn't know how to balance for PvP servers. Rather spend my time enduring the imbalanced crap or dungeon than transferring to another one.
something thats really dissapointing is that i paid for a transfer to frostmourne just a lil before MoP Officialy came out, i just came from a low popular server cause i was sick of the quietness. I Decided to PAY for a transfer to Frostmourne, and now this is what blizz is planning to do? make me pay $25 for my characters to not be able to play until awhile? and then they give me free realm transfers to another low populated one? i am terribly dissapointed i was hoping to play on my toon from Frostmourne but how can i when i have to wait for a que to that realm. It hurts to say, wish there was a way you guys could just Merge some really low populated realms together so i can avoid wasting my money on things and wouldnt have to complain about the loneliness.
"Although free Guild Master Realm Transfers are not possible at this time, these free character transfers will allow you to retain your guild membership and reputation, provided the guild master completes a paid Guild Master Realm Transfer to the destination realm first, and does not change factions."

Pathetic. I knew theyd find a way to make money off this somehow.
And Haomarush gets crapped on again. C'mon Blizz, the economy is SO SCREWED and we've seen NOTHING to help improve it. I got my hopes up when I saw there was finally going to be free transfers, and we're STILL left out!!
They should leave this longer, if you in a guild people need to discuss this, but every one is trying to get to 90 and grinding gear and what not.
Frostwolf? The best you could give us is FROSTWOLF?!?!

Die slowly.
09/28/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Lighttouch
Why bother? You'll just get thrown on high pop servers with the dumb CRZ garbage.

These servers are experiencing extremely long que times to login. The purpose of a transfer is to reduce the 'home' population of a server so that players can login, and then complain about crz.
09/28/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Mindaran
correct me if i'm wrong ?..but wasn't the stupid crz suppose to solve alot of the zone problems to begin with ??..kinda odd that blizz wants to throw a free transfer out to another server/realm..and yet..they still have crz around ???... real smart blizz.

Transfers help server population.

Each server has a maximum # of players that can login at any given time. When that number is exceeded, a queue is created and players must wait for others to log-off.

Cross Realm Zones

While a server may only have "X" number of players, this could end up with 90% of the online population being level 85-90s, and no one around in the 15-20 range in Westfall. CRZ allows those players in Westfall to interact with other players in Westfall from other realms.
Any chance I could go from Kil'jaeden to Alterac Mountains with the free transfer?? All my other characters moved from Kel'Thuzad to Alterac Mountains, and i would like to move my shaman(Ograxi) from Kil'jaeden to Alterac Mountains.
If you guys are getting an error message about being online, when you try transferring - try creating a new character on a realm that's not the realm you're transferring from, exit the game client, and try again.

It worked for me twice now.
really would like a free transfer from stormrage to ANY pvp server, stormrage is pve but any possibility of a pvp free change? :(
Illidan (Horde) PvP > Mug'Thol (Horde) PvPBoth with 90%+ Horde. I guess Blizzard doesn't know how to balance for PvP servers. Rather spend my time enduring the imbalanced crap or dungeon than transferring to another one.

How bout you force the high pop to low pop to fill up the other side

first few days have been fun lots of pvp and what not but now ..... 90s everywhere just swarming and its been this way since end of wrath

pop is 6 horde to 1 ally so why is blizz opening up the server to becom even more imbalanced
90% of the illidan folks have gone horde further increasing the gap.

so when are you opening up free ally transfers off mug'thol and you can then have a horde only server.

so diasappointing to log in and know that at some point in my leveling im going to be ganked by a swarm of horde because everytime they try one on one they get worked
Blizz I would consider the Frostmourne - Gundrak transfer, but the Alliance : Horde ratio on that realm is 5:1 according to the census website.

Transferring doesn't seem like a very constructive thing to do.
Can't thank whoever made this decision enough. I never woulda paid $285 to move all my toons and guild to a new server, but I was certainly fine paying the Guild Master transfer fee since all the rest were free.

Well played, Blizzard, well played!

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