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KT is only alliance now.

its sad when i dont see one other hordie even in main cities!
i would also like to see this opened back up or allow smaller pvp servers to merge with ours to get the horde numbers back up... being surrounded by 8-10 of the other faction is hardly what pvp is suppose to be.
What about Spinebreaker? One of the original launch off servers since Nov. 04 and we get NOTHING. We're like a turd floating in a pond. Low pop and people are leaving daily because there is nobody to interact with.


1. Merge low pop servers into one another
2. Have these high que servers come to Spinebreaker
3. Kill the server (since we're slowly dying...)
Any chance you'll be opening Illidan's transfers back up again? Oh and this time if you actually want people to accept it include guild master transfers with it and you'll definitely free up some space, prettttty tired of this
Thx info Bashiok.

My poor Hordies on Altar of Storms...a dead word, and Azeroth that might have been. Empty to the point of spooky...the AH looks like the one in Darnassus in classic.

It really is two completely different games compared to my medium-high pop Alliance toons (spoiled Alliance brats, with their faces and their hair and thriving player economy).

I understand the revenue stream behind paid transfer, and kinda understand the server juggling act. Dudes that make cool games need to eat.

I still think its shady to charge $25.00 to play where you want. You should give player a freebie or two a year, at least, or knock the price down. It could be because I've been paying you guys since 2004!
Can Mal'ganis alliance get free transfers somewhere?
hello , i did not know about free transfers going to gundrak, aswell as frostmourne que timers can be up to 6 hours with 4000 people, really need to lvl my dk, please blizzard, can you extend free xfers, ? most of us are moving back to frostmourne when we hit 90/gear up and when the realm pop goes down with less que timers, thank you.
Frostmourne transfers didn't make a difference at all. Still a 2800 queue on weekend, 2200 weekdays.

Why on earth are they not available still, while people are sitting in 3 or 4 hour queues?

Also please give Frostmourne a destination that more people might actually consider moving to.
It's really crazy that on my server (Black Dragonflight) I can go hours without seeing an alliance player and only see a small handful in Stormwind. The auction house at most has a page of glyphs and there are almost no gathering materials on it. What was once a faction balanced and lively server is now just a shell of what it used to be. SW is basically desolace with fancy buildings. There are really very few alliance on this server for even getting a world raid group together.

Then, for other people on other servers, they sit in long queues waiting to even log into their own server. Waiting for 4+ hours to get into your server? That's incredible. I don't remember anything like that outside of Classic. Surely something is being done for the incredibly overpopulated servers and the incredibly underpopulated servers? Hopefully with faction balance in mind?
When are They Going to Allow Us The Free Realm Transfers off of Trollbane US to a different Realm
why never Proudmoore? its one of the most over populated servers there is!
Just a thought, with a que of 2,600, wouldn't you think you would want to offer free transfers to ANYWHERE off of Frostmourne? It was after all you Blizzard that allowed the server to become over populated. Where does your "breach of contract" start to come into play?
I'd like to see this open up again, i feel a week may have been too short. I'm still on Area 52 (which still has ~30 min queues) because I passed guild leadership and didn't know you had to wait 7 days before you could transfer.
Free Character Migration from Tichondrius to Dark Iron.

Los Angeles Datacenter Location
Bloodlust Battlegroup

Dark Iron:
Chicago Datacenter Location
Shadowburn Battlegroup

How come Free Character Migration isn't to a server with at least the same Datacenter Locations?
How come Free Character Migration isn't to a server that is part of the same Battlegroup?

No matter the server I migrate to, it's making room on Tichondrius, which will *help to* eliminate queues. Howcome the only choice is Dark Iron?
Queue times are still crazy. They need opened up again :-(
This probably makes too much sense, but how about preventing people from transferring to over-populated servers... Oh yeah I forgot this is about money and not customer service.
Ok so why are my characters no eligible to transfer to another server? Im on Kiljaeden, Im almost always on a 2000 person queue to login. If a realm is LOCKED then why are we not eligible to move to lower pop servers? Isnt this the opposite of what the free character migration was origionally intended to do?
The free xfers are over, Holycalf. Although they should be reopened I missed the boat and have been sitting in illidans queue since 7(AST) and it is now 10:30 (AST) with 200 more people to go.
Any idea to when they might re open the migration? Thanks
I too would like to see character transfers from Area 52 reopened. Even now on a Sunday night I am sitting in a queue. Yes I know it's a holiday tomorrow, but only for the govt and banks. Even most schools are still open.

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