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So I want to make it very clear to people coming to into this that VELEN IS NOT EASTERN. Which means your ping will be worse and the time will be off. Kinda messed up that they posted that wrong but you will be three hours off if you transfer from area 52 to velen. I really hope they fix this and allow transfers to proper servers.
Boo dont want to go to Velen rather have my choice of a server jus paid to move a toon today since A52 is always locked on me
why does there always have to be a destination realm :( why cant we pick the destination realm ourselves? i got toons on Kel’Thuzad and would love to move them to a pve server. i dont care which 1. could be dead could be full i dont care as long as the letters say pve.
I wonder if they are going to change the Velen being eastern in the main post before people make the jump and realize it's a screwup. I would gladly move from area a proper east coast server.
09/26/2012 04:44 PMPosted by Aesix
Now why would I leave a server with 140k horde (area 52) to join a server, with 35k horde and 45k alliance? Some people are really impatient...

I guess its true horde stands for unable to do anything unless carried
If you need to drastically outnumber your competition to succeed by all means stay and wait in queue

You do realize you just described 75% of the realms, which are alliance...right? Area 52 is one of the FEW pve realms were horde outnumbers alliance.

Welcome to WoW.
If you transfer your toons, then the guild transfers a few days later can you get into the guild and keep all the rep still? Or does the guild have to transfer first?

Probably a silly question and I didn't see it asked.
just gonna wait it out.....i love KJ too much to leave
Velen is a pacific server why would ppl transfer from eastern to pacific????
I opened this thread really hoping that my server would be one of the servers people are able to transfer to, seeing as how currently Chromaggus is one of the lowest population servers in the US, but it is not one of the ones listed. The population has been higher than usual the last couple of days because the expansion came out, but it is still very low. Cross realm zones won't help our auction house. Free character migration or a server merge might.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Blizz just implement cross servers, where people from low pop servers can play on high pop servers? Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Now people who actually have toons on a high pop server can't even get on their own server while people from low pop servers play. Maybe Blizz can make it a 2 way street, and give us the option to play on the low pop from a high pop server. They could make it so the group will get pulled into the group leader's server.
Go to Velen! We have an emerging PvP community as well as PvE!
I'm glad to see that Stormrage has the ability to transfer for free. I have toons I'd love to play, but sitting in queue sucks. Besides free is my favorite word :D

No, I just don't want to WPVP on a pve server.

Then don't flag yourself for pvp?
I didn't see it in the Character Migration FAQ or in this thread, but does a free transfer include a faction change when you transfer by chance? I kind of doubt it, but thought I'd ask anyways! :)
Why will you guys not let us pick the realm as long as it is not High pop.The biggest thing is if we want to move which none of us really do.We are being forced pretty much to move because of the q time.But as i was saying if we have to move we should be able to move to any server we want that's not high pop.Also i am thinking a Faction change too if we like to play with friends who play on the Horde.That should be the package for us who have to move to another server.But hey i am wrong you guys want us to pay for that transfer and faction change.That's the whole reason you have these realms !@#$ed the way they are now.Time is money gotta make that money right.
Fix the low Pop bs.And take the low pop servers and add them with the med size.And make other people happy.No one wants to play on a new server unless there new.Even then no one really wants to play on a low pop server.I just don't see how you guys have failed over and over again on fixing this problem.How many more years Blizzard tell you get it right >??

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