too many horde

I think the H:A ratio is great the way it is :^)
its been said before but.......think about it, it could be waaaaay fu.c .kin worse. now this isnt an invitation for the red team to start gang banging 87 inns with 90s but just appreciate the fact that the vast majority of the time, you're prolly being left alone. also with the way some of the hubs are u can just move somewhere else and then come back....or do a bg or dung for a min till the 'as shole 90s' leave
to be homest most the horde on the server cant pvp for crap with out a friend helping. an sadly alot of them call them selfs pvper's when most bgs from what i hear world wide alliance is dominating in pvp.
sadly as most of us have seen most the horde players are only their cause they cant deal with peer pressure so they have to give in an go play horde with the rest of the little kids.

hey an idea for blizz to fix it the problem fast...dont let people join the faction or create toons on a faction that has the other way out numbered.
More horde to beat on
I think the problem is when you kill one horde, they return in greater numbers, and daily quest hubs like in Valley of the Four Winds are just controlled by horde which requires an alliance group to do them vs just doing the dailies yourself. Otherwise I'm all for more horde, ast Spartanhart said, "more horde to beat on"
I came from a server where I played horde in a similar setup to this server. I can tell you its not fun barely seeing any alliance and when you do its never 1v1 (unless your farming in some random place and get lucky)

I love it here at the moment because it takes me no longer than 30sec to find a fight if I want one. But as Juggernot mentioned they always return in big numbers pretty quick, so its usually a short lived victory If I hang around for the after party.

Iv noticed most horde will leave you alone once you dont bother them.
FOR the HORDE!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't help it !!! <3
More numbers means more opportunities to make them rage. I got the MoP trial a few days ago and spent every minute of it ganking. Wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't this dominated by horde.
Sorry but I leveled a druid alliance on Arthas but the bg ques were just too damn long for me. Also, my <3 belongs to horde
I don't see a problem here - it gives me a target-rich environment to pick and choose from.

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