Can a Feral Druid Tank?

Can a Feral Druid tank in bear form?
09/26/2012 04:54 PMPosted by Nourishderp
Can a Feral Druid tank in bear form?

Not well enough to tank an instance you don't outgear, but decent enough to hold the boss for a few hits while the tank is dead.

Unless you have heart of the wild active :p
Is it like if a rogue was trying to tank, or does the druid being in bear help at all?
I'd compare it to a shaman trying to tank.
So far it seems like if you keep up with gear, and the healer isn't terrible, you can tank normals leveling up. Its shoddy, but it gets the job done as long as the group isn't hard core derping out in the fire.

I think i remember a blue post somewhere saying they were trying to get warriors and bears to be able to kinda bare bones tank normals while leveling up.
For what it's worth, I tried tanking the trash before H-ragnaros a few weeks ago and got smashed.

Of course, I might not have being 'doing it right', and the healers might not have been paying attention, but it was pretty clear I was getting hammered hard.
Eh, I am going to bluntly say... no, not really. Being a Feral Druid, myself. However, I will admit that in times of need - we have some pretty slick tricks up our sleeves. I have "tanked" quite a few times (not with ease, but I did it rather successively.)
You have no crit immunity in feral, your avoidance sucks (no savage defense), and your armor is mail/plate levels without a shield.

So, no.
Mobs in a dungeon?


Enemy players?

A feral druid can tank... for 45 seconds with heart of the wild!
Did some dungeon today and in one of em the tank that was a warrior died 2 times ...1 time because he pulled to much minions and the second at boss. (maybe the healer but, he was doing a good job keeping me alive tho.) I tanked both times as bear and im a boomkin...yeah this isnt that good but its better for the group if i tank a bit than a mage,rogue, whatever.
Sure can't, without Heart of the Wild you can't even do it in emergency situations. Feral Bears are really very squishy outside of HotW.
idk if your talkin to me but, i never i tanked ALL the boss long... tank died in the last minute...ive been able to handle him with a holy priest healing me and there was a ret, so he off healed me i had Renewal and might of ursoc to help me out. Difficult but its doable when u got alot of heal on u.... sure the dps is worst than normaly but i was still able to keep a 18-20k dps on the boss and i had a warlock that was pulling like 30k. BTW if ur not a feral...ur dmg is always higher in bear form cuz the rage works differently than the energy regen and u can do lots of dmg.
What you've described isn't exclusive to bears in Feral spec. The same could be said of Arms/Fury warriors in Defensive stance, Ret Paladins, Monks in whatever-the-tank-stance-is, etc. Even Rogues have defensive cooldowns they can use to help survive in the situation you're describing. I don't think this qualifies as "tanking."

edit: Also, try pulling that in a raid and you'll be dead in a couple of seconds. Hunter/Warlock pets, shadow priests, etc they can survive getting beat on with enough incoming heals. Still isn't tanking.
Tank defenition is "receiving dmg to let the people that actualy can do tons of dmg survive to do their job" we can considere as u said arms/fury etc. can tank as OFF-tank when they need to. This is not tanking in ur language maybe but i think that the op wanted to know IF DRUID can tank for a LIMITED amount of time. I dont think he can tank as a feral for a full dungeon.. but for a limited time i think he actualy can.

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