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I was an a heroic Scholomance run and the trinket "searing words"(sorry i dont know how to link items first time making a thread) dropped off of the last boss and i was not able to choose need. That is a perfect hunter trinket and probably BiS and it sucks to not be able to roll on it. I asked the group since I couldn't need it if i could have the item but someone D/Eed it. Also when i search for hunter loot in the dungeon journal it doesn't show up. I have an open ticket but who knows how long that could take. just want to make sure other people dont have this issue.
Happened to me as well. The ''need'' button was greyed out and it was DE'd. I died a little inside.

The stats on Searing Words are perfect for hunters. 847 crit rating and a proc effect that grants 3386 agility for 25 sec.

Crit rating is the highest simming secondary stat for hunters (after the hit/exp caps) to the best of my knowledge. This could well be one of the pre-raid BiS trinkets as mentioned by the OP.

TLDR: Hunters are unable to roll ''need'' on a BiS agil trinket from H Scholomance.
I really hope they decide to give the trinket to everyone that had this issue because it isn't our fault someone screwed up on the loot system. still waiting on a reply to my ticket.
...You guys ever think that maybe the trinket is worded incorrectly and is supposed to read "melee attacks critical strike" making it a Rogue/Enh Shammy trinket?

Just food for thought.
No because if that was true then there would only be 1 heroic trinket for us and the other slot would have to be a green. This way it works for both the melee agi and us.
I was unable to roll need on this as well last night. A Mage in our group said he was able to roll need.
so its not just hunters seems to be bugged in general. Or were you on a hunter when you couldn't roll?
Same thing just happened to me this morning. A mage rolled need and won the trinket.
>,< Happened to me a few minutes ago. So instead of going to someone whom it would of been perfect for (aka me) It got disenchanted.
Yea it sucks. my ticket is still open and as soon as i get a response i will post it here. hopefully they will do the right thing and give us our trinkets.
Just happened to me too. Was disenchanted before my eyes.

Please fix this, Blizzard!
Same, Just happend to me also, i was pissed, no reason why need button should be greyed out, so i put a ticket in. I'll let u know how it goes also.
Happened just 5 minutes ago, Boomkin and Resto shaman were able to need, I was not. Lost to the resto shaman. Already having terrible luck with drops (everything is plate, so much plate) and this honestly pushed me to the point that I needed to log off to cool down.
so I finally got a response telling me if i have a suggestion that i need to use the Suggestion feature that they added...... how is that related to a bug in their loot system??? I'm about done with blizzard doing nothing not our fault one of their systems failed. 4 days of wait for a BS response like that its insane.
Same thing happened to me, same instance, same loot drop bug. This wasn't the first time that FFA loot happened in a dungeon.

Just a bit disappointed how many hotfixes for other issues were rolled out and we even had some server maintenance that failed to fix this major issue.
Yup they won't give us the item... opened another ticket and was in a live chat. they are pretty firm on not giving items back. guess i have to farm it with a full guild group.
just happened to me on my scholo run
searing words dropped i was the only agi class in the run yet i couldn't need on it and it was disenchanted sigh

what is up with the rolling system of gear, there are times where the need button is available to me when an int ring drop yet hunters cant need on an agi trinket
Just happened to we as well on Smolderthorn. Submitted a ticket, expecting the worst. 3 days of a known repeated issue, no blue post? QQ Blizz, qq.
Lost this twice now, once to a DE.

With all the dumb grinding I'm already required to do to get anything, the last thing I need is one of the two decent pre-raid trinkets to be bugged such that I can't get it even when no one in the group can even make use of it.

Blizzard is close to losing my sub again as I just don't have the patience for crap like this anymore.

I'm too old for this sh*t.
Please, sort out your damn loot bugs, I am getting frustrated of not being able to obtain this trinket, WHICH I REALLY NEED!

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