H <Riddle of Steel> Recruiting for MV

<Riddle of Steel> is currently recruiting for our 10 man raiding team which will be running on Tuesday, Thursday and (possibly) Sunday evenings, from 8:30 - 11:30pm EST time.

We are especially interested in a non-DK tank (you get extra credit if you are a bear or monk) and ranged DPS. We are also interested in any healers who are comfortable with switching hitting as dps. However, any exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

Most of our core raiders are thirty-somethings with jobs, families, and have other responsibilities, so we make our time in raids count. We believe there is no reason to sacrifice your entire personal life for the game. On the flip side of that, we also believe that just because we are all "adults" it doesn't mean we can't take raiding seriously, hold ourselves to high standards, and get things done in a reasonable amount of time.

We desire raiders that maintain very high attendance, strive to better themselves and the group, and are looking to carve out their only little niche within our walls. Some of us have been raiding together since BC and we are looking for other "lifers". These will not be riding-the-pine spots and we do not rotate people out. This will be a permanent team, our only team, and you will get to know those people around you quite well over the course of this expansion. If you can't handle personal attention or being friendly with those around you, please don't bother applying.

If you have any questions, please contact me in game @ battle.tag Dovorian#1650. You may also apply at www.riddleofsteel-turalyon.guildlaunch.com

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

The main body of the raid is 90 and finishing out gearing heroics and craftables, we just need a few more folks to fill out the team. Raids will begin in earnest as soon as we have the full compliment of stable players needed!

We are currently in need of a tank and a couple ranged bombers. However things can be shuffled for an excellent player of any class or role.

Looking for team oriented folks who want to get in with us at the ground level. We will fill out and we will clear content. We've done it since the days of MC, we'll continue to do here. Solid raiding experience is a plus, but not completely needed. Pretty damn good at your class and just never had the chance to prove it on a regular raid? Look us up! We might just be the shot you need for glory. Never hurts to find out.
Yay us. Come be our friend.

Still looking for a few good people.
Updated and /bump!

We had our first taste of the vaults last night and came away reasonably successful. Spent 2 hours in there and downed the first encounter. While we aren't exactly alerting the media for our glory, we did have 7 of our normal raiders and filled in the rest with folks we'd never played with before. Once we clicked things went well.

We don't want to have to go in with new people next lockout, we want to have you on our team full time. Get on board with us and make that happen! We are a solid squad and will be running every week on time and with progressing top priority.

We're in need of a tank and a couple of ranged DPS.

Join us.
Bump for killing Alliance.

In addition to our stellar raid team, Goliath will be offering a competitive PvP environment for its members. Our Rated Battleground team is currently forming a strong base to launch a team from and many spots are up for grabs. Although, I do have a soft-spot for people who are willing to bring multiple, viable and geared specs to the party.

Top Priorities:
Flag Carrier (with dps off-set): Prefer Warrior or DK
Discipline Priest
Feral Druid

My philosophy is to establish teams that run together at the same time each week and I am very much opposed to the nightly pug with whatever is online at the time. By forming a group, there is more cohesiveness, tolerance and, most importantly, success. Our current times are tentative and up for discussion but at currently set for Wed/Mon 8-11 server(ET). I believe in a friendly PvP atmosphere that is open to constructive criticism. Belittling people will not be tolerated. Winning is my main goal, but not at the expense of people's (and my) fun.

Arena teams will be left up to the individual player but guild resources will be reserved for only guild arena teams.

Any questions about the PvP-side of Goliath, do not hesitate to contact me in game or apply to our website listed in the first post.
I would be intrested in tanking for you guys if you still need one. :) Im a Protection paladin with a 363 ilvl. Ive been raiding as a tank since TBC on my warrior. I decided I would give paladin a go in MOP and im loving it. Since raiding is dead on my realm ive been looking for a good guild to transfer to and start hardcore raiding with. Im willing to Transfer over if you guys need me in the core. I can make any raid times and can adjust to any raid strat the guild decides to use. :)

My old main: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Abrock/advanced

Battle Tag: Verucion#1706

Email: Jamieadams299@yahoo.com
Still clawing our way forward with Feng down in our second couple of hours. Made some nice progress on Gara'Jal as well. This might be the last shot for the main raid spots as we've had some interest from those who took the chance to pug with us. I do believe we will have the raid filled with full timers by next lockout. Then the real work begins.

We are not hardcore 4+ hours a night, just to be sure that's out there up front. We are in that middle ground of semi-hardcore progressively minded raids. We don't have the luxury of throwing ourselves at bosses 20 hours a week, but we make the most of the time we do have. If you want the comfort of running with experienced players that will down bosses, but you don't have availability 5 nights a week, we might just be your ticket.

We don't need to be up at the top of the server, but we certainly expect to be comfortably within current content at all times. You can be part of that if sounds your speed.
Bump for the philosophy.

We're gonna win as a team, the realm can throw out all those great dps and tanks and healers, throughout the expansion but there will be one guild that plays solely as a team. No man is no more important than the team. No lead is more important than the team. The team, the team, the team. And if we think that way, alll of us, everything that you do, you take into consideration what effect it has on our team. Because you go to a more serious guild, you can go into whatever you want to from here but you will never play again for a team. You will play for this you will play for that, you'll play for everything except the team but think what a great thing it is to part of something that is the team. We're gonna win it, we're gonna win the championship again because we play together as a team. Better than anyone else on this server we will play together as a team. We're gonna believe in each other, we're not going to criticize each other, we're not going to talk about each other, we're going to encourage each other! And when we play as a team and whole expansion is over it is going to be Goliath.
Headed into MV tomorrow night and looking for a tank (of the non DK variety) to come along.

Interested in testing out our waters? Curious about our little group and what we may be about? Whisper Tynge or Daynk/Lohwang before Tuesday night at 8:30pm for a little talk.
Finding the last couple of folks to round out the core team is proving more difficult than expected. We are not discouraged though.

The above posts have the fine details, the broad details are that we are need of 2 people. A tank or melee DPS & a ranged DPS.

With those parts in place, we can stop spamming trade for bodies on raid nights. If you want to be part of a good raid on a full time basis, please have a look at us. We are also open for all recruitment as a level 25 guild. Looking for a good home with some good folks? We have that as well.

And since I've been asked, we are a full PvE guild, simply PvP for fun.
Still recruiting especially some ranged dps monkeys. Bit of a rough week this week but that's what happens when you've got five pugs a week. Really looking forward to getting a set group and clearing some content.

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