Pandaren not skilled in pet battles

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I have pet battles unlocked on my main and have greatly enjoyed it. I took my pandaren monk to the pet battle trainer to learn the Jade Crane Chick but I can't learn it. The red text says I need to see a trainer for the pet battles skill. I also don't have the option to learn pet battles on the pandaren.

Anyone else run into this, or is there a fix?
I've had the same problem as well. I can battle with my pets on my lvl 12 Monk, but I cannot heal them, nor learn the crane or the ability. Yet all my other characters are fine.
I am having the same issue!! I opened a ticket and it said 7 day wait time.... OH well.... sad because that pet looks cool!!
Same problem here. Thought it might be because I engaged a pet battle before I actually learned the skill, but I guess it's just bugged?

I can fight, heal/revive pets, but I can't actually "learn" Pet Battle or get the crane chick pet on my Panderen shaman.
Are your pandarens monks as well? A friend of mine was able to get the Jade Crane Chick but his was a Shaman.
Confirming another Pandaren Monk unable to learn Pet Battle.
Add me to the list. I've been to SW trainer, and the one in Goldshire, and neither will teach me Pet Battle skills OR sell me the crane. I see the crane. I cannot buy the crane. Feeling very UN-Zen.
Also unable to use stable master to heal pets as a Pandaren monk. Spell book lists pet battle training is available "visit trainer". When visiting the trainer, there isn't an option for training being offered.
I can confirm that this monk is having the same issue.
This monk is having an issue as well.. It isnt set to just Pandas.. I did however make this monk after I had already learned the skill on my main..
I can 100% confirm this. I got the Jade Crane Chick on my Pandaren warrior.
I just checked and I was able to purchase the Jade Crane Chick and it no longer shows that I need to learn Pet Battle Training.
I just checked on my pandaren monk, and it also will not allow me to learn the crane pet and no pet battle training to learn.

And it has not been fixed yet.
I also cannot "learn" Pet battles as it tells me and cannot get my Crane on my Panda Monk as it says "requires: Battle Pet Training (passive)" Those Panda's who say they got theirs what did you do to get it? This is very annoying...hoping a blue will answer!
I too am having the same issue. However, my character is a pandaren mage, so I do not believe it's strictly a monk issue.
Not that it matters but I too am having the same issue. Actually, besides leveling my pets through battles I can't do anything else pet battle related, including getting my pets healed by the Stable Master nor picking up the subsequent quests once you complete the quest to defeat a Battle Master. After I defeated Lindsay in Redridge Mountains nothing showed up, so I had to log in with my main and go back to her to pick up the quest for the next Battle Master.

BTW, my character is a Pandaren Monk too.
I seem to be having this same issue on just about every character... Along with it saying that my level 80 (res scroll boosted) panda shaman has flying skill but shows that flying is unlearned (along with pet battling)
Having same issue with my Panda Monk
Finally got to leave the beginners area and was hoping to pick up this pet from the trainer but no luck - the train button is greyed out. So I logged out and back in several times but still not working. I can pet battle although I am not trained. So I leveled up past 20 thinking maybe that will help but it still bugged.
After the maintenance this morning this is still not fixed...

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