Pandaren not skilled in pet battles

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other way round here, I bought the skill on my panda monk, and now my blood elve rogue cannot learn the skill, and thus buy the drake, although it can pet battle.. >_>
I have the same issue on my Pandaren Monk. Put in a ticket but got the canned response that it must be an add-on and I should delete all settings and macros, which I'm not going to do. Hopefully someone is looking into this beyond that.
i have same problem and deleted the interface WTF and catche folder and still having the same issue don't seem like my addons were the ones causing the problem
im having same issue on my panda monk i submitted a ticket and was told that it was the first time responder had heard about it and info would be submitted to the developers. glad to hear im not the only one with the issue
Can't train for pet battles on either of my Panderans and they are not Monks: One is a Hunter and the other is a Shaman :/

I really want the green Crane pet :3
Same issue on a Panda Monk, can battle but can not train or buy the crane.
Any alt I make is unable to train pet battle, which makes sense as I have already purchased it. What is annoying me is I am 1 unable to buy the race pet, 2 unable to heal my pets because even AT level 5 it does not update.

One of my newer alts was fixed this last restart , but my newist is level 7 and without the training.
just made me a goblin for the crab pet, same issue ...
Crithto responded that they're working on it on the Pet Battle Forums.

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