Hunter Fetch Issue

UI and Macro
I created this thread over in the hunter section but thought I would cross post it here just in case someone could offer some insight. I've been trying to get the standard fetch macro to work but it seems to have some issue. I'm not sure if this is intended or if the current state of the ability is broken/bugged.

/cast [@target, exists, dead] Fetch
/cast fetch

This is the macro that I'm currently using. It seems to work just fine if I stand still and don't push any buttons; however, I was hoping to get this kind of thing to work while on the run. An example would be I kill a mob send pet to loot and I run off in another direction (not far) to tag another mob using a shot (not a pet move). The pet appears to run towards the lootable corpse, yet, doesn't loot anything just turns around and runs back. Auto loot is turned on as well. Any one else with this issue or a way to fix it? Is it suppose to do this? Thanks for your time.

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