Mac User - Can't Log In - 9.27.2012

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Servers were suppose to be down for 15 minutes, for a restart, but it has been over 30 minutes since my main server went down and now I can not log-in at all. The window that says "CONNECTING" has been saying that for nearly 10 minutes. I have quit the app and restarted it several times, but apparently it is not connecting.

Anyone else have this problem?
Yes, Im having the same problem.
This is being investigated. Thanks for the reports.
Yes. I put in my authenticator code and I get a blank box with the cancel button. Sometimes it does this when there's a patch, so I let it run. Activity Monitor reported no network activity. :\ First I thought it was my internet being wonky, cause there was a storm last night.
Ditto Mac User getting stuck on "Connecting" Pls fix fast or I will have to mow the lawn.
I get the "connecting screen forever!
Same issue here.
I got this message as well. When I ran World of Warcraft Repair it told me that it could not be repaired and I needed to reinstall the game. I'm at 2.7% on the download :( this is going to take forever.
same here
this isn't a Mac only issue, hey but good news you can login with remote chat lol

same here on my mac pro.. still saying connecting... :(
same here been a hour now connecting on but it wont log on??
I'm having the same problem.

I removed the WTF, Addons and Cache etc.

No dice. I suggest if you are thinking about doing these things, don't waste your time until Blizz has a fix posted.

Happy waiting.
Guess i should have looked at the posts cause i just posted the same issue
not a mac user stil can't
dont have mac and still getting stuck at connecting think it goes further that Mac User
I'm a little bitter because all I have to do is turn in two quests for 86. I literally looted my last stinger before restart!
I was finally able to get in, i windowed back over to WoW and i was at char select. Took a while but had to log back out for something and now i'm stuck again lol

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