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Did Blizzard nerf the spawn of Onyx Eggs?
I only seen 1 egg in the last 15 minutes..
I think they did. There was just me and another guy looking for it minutes ago and I found just one of them.
Been looking for almost 2 days now and have not found one. Been the only person farming there for the past two hours and nothing.
Thank god, people were scoring those mounts waaay to fast.
good thing i got mine already huehuehueuhuehuehueh
09/29/2012 07:08 AMPosted by Floaties
good thing i got mine already huehuehueuhuehuehueh
I hope they decrease them even more.

Seeing someone with a netherwing drake at 70 was awesome because you knew how much of a pain it was to get.
Was out there for an hour at 5am server. Me and a handful of other people. Didn't see one. :P
Why would they add CRZ AND nerf the spawn rate? That would be ridiculous.
Why would you guys think they nerfed the spawn rate? I found 9 eggs yesterday. was farming for 3 hours. Today I found 9 more eggs in just 4 hours. That is divided between me doing brewfest on and off and some heroic dungeons.
Don't ya know, that's what the emergency maintenance was for. i mean come on so what if the re spawn rate was fast....that's a good thing when your competing with 20+ people this early in the expansion. It will only get worse as more people hit 90.

Blizzard makes sense they don't.
I don't think they nerfed it, it's just now everyone knows about it.

I got nine last night, but there were another 5-6 people out there flying around too.
These things are a little over farmed if you ask me. Was flying around the island for a good 5 hours last night and, sadly, felt lucky to fly back to the Arboretum with 3
That is why the instant I dinged 90 I went and bought my flying then went straight out there. Took me 2 hours to get about 40 eggs. I go back to do dailies sometimes and I am very happy I did this before the rush of other players got there.
Eggs schmeggs (I don't even know where they spawn!), I'm gonna grind the rep the old fashioned way since I'm having such a blast with it!
I was out 6am server time... I was the only one out there for 45 mins.. found 12. Now sitting at revered :)

I'll probably do the rest as dailys and maybe spend 10-15 mins looking for one or two if I feel like punishing myself during "prime time"
I'm there now it's 9am Sunday there are 4 people here and I have found none.
You should feel lucky if you get one... or even three.

6 hours.


High pop servers should have a dynamic spawn rate imo. Sure a guy on low pop can get it in a few hours but on my server, there can be 15 to 20 people at any given time. If you have 3-5 times more people in the area, the spawn rate should increase.... because at this rate... no one ever gets anything.

Of course, every node has someone landed and camping it so there really is no point in the end.

A better idea, instead of increasing spawn rate, increase the spawn area to the small islands surrounding the current one.
09/30/2012 04:38 AMPosted by Huggywuggles
Eggs schmeggs (I don't even know where they spawn!), I'm gonna grind the rep the old fashioned way since I'm having such a blast with it!

You're going to trade juice boxes....with bendy straws for rep?

Very inventive, gnome. I have my eye on you.

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