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I can do a 6 (Darkmoon Turtle, Legs, Black Tabby Cat, Voodoo Figurine, Clockwork Gnome, Lunar Lantern) for the tcg one if none of the other offers interest you. I'll be in game after work finishes in approx 7 hours.
I'm looking for trades as well. I've just been selling my extras until I saw this thread, I'll start saving them and posting them as what I have to trade!

What I can offer (Not a lot of selection yet, unfortunately...):

Tiny Shale Spider
Black Tabby
Sinister Squashling
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Spirit of Summer
All Alliance Argent Tourney Pets
Leaping Hatchling
Darting Hatchling
Tiny Sporebat
White Kitten
Lil Smokey
Pet Bombling
Personal World Destroyer
De-Weaponized Mechanical Squirrel
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

What I'm Looking For:

Any TCG pets
Any Darkmoon Pets except the Tiger
Deviate Hatchling
Gun'Drak Hatchling
Dusgusting Oozeling
Sea Pony
Durotar Scorpion (Thank you for the other two, Demiano!)
Magical Crawdad

Those are just what I can think of offhand, any other pets you see missing off my list I'll most likely also be interested in.
Lonii add my battletag so we can chat cross server: daemono#1210
I can trade you all the horde argent pets you need
This will probably sound dumb. How do I add a battletag?
click O to open friends tab, then click add friend, then type the battletag
Okay. It says it sent the friend request. = ]
10/08/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Immawarlock
I have a Hippogryph Hatchling for trade

hey add me msbehavin#1399 so we can talk abut what your after :)
I have available to trade:

Tiny Crimson Whelpling
Dark Whelpling
Phoenix Hatchling
Elementium Geode

All I can think of at the moment, I'll update later - really only after TCG Pets (post here if you have some you want to trade off)
Trading any of the following:

Dragon Kite
Dark Whelpling
Chuck (or other fishing gators)
Searing Scorchling
Darkmoon Zeppelin (or other darkmoon pets)
Landro’s Lichling
Pterrodax Hatchling
Gregarious Grell
Sea Pony
Hyacinth Maccaw
Legs (or other children’s week pets)
Emerald Whelpling
Azure Whelpling
Festival or Lunar Lantern
Nightsaber Cub
Tournament Pets (Senjin Fetish etc)
Gundrak Hatchling (or other little raptors)
Magical Crawdad
Tiny Shale Spider

Looking for:

Rocket Chicken
Ethereal Soul-Trader
Spectral Tiger Cub

I've got over 300 pets so chances are if you want it and I didn't list it, I might of missed it when I was looking through my armory.
Not really trading for pets but

WTS Dragon Kite for gold or Tabard of the Lightbringer on Mal'Ganis Horde

I have a Eye of the Legion for trade, want a Dragon Kite

Looking for a Pterrordax Hatchling!

I have to Offer :
Fossilized Hatchling
Obsidian Hatchling
Phoenix Hatchling
Personal World Destroyer
Sinister Squashing
Tiny Snowman
Tiny Sporebat

Willing to do multiples as well, Thank You!
I made a thread but in case people miss it I'll post here too
Im trading a Darkmoon Rabbit for a TCG combo trade or a single good TCG pet.
battletag daemono#1210
@zeal how much for the tabard?
dont forget you can sell on othet AH and but with cash made

some servers have realy cheap x and expensive y where as your server has expensive x and cheap y
Have a level 25 Hippogryph Hatchling, looking to trade it for a Bananas.
Added a turnip to the original post.

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