I am the worst priest EVER lol

So I suck at being a priest... really bad. Awful. Can't seem to keep myself alive. Started out as a Discipline and just changed to Shadow. Anyone have any tips for me? I really miss my druid, I felt more effective as a druid. I want to love the priest I just can't seem to play it right.
Some others posted in case you missed: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6713912721?page=1#10

Also pick up on a profession....JC and mining, or since you have the racial: Enchanting and Tailoring..so that you can make yourself some good stuffs.
Here's some advice...go disc when you get Atonement, ( or something like that) that way, you can do damage, and still heal yourself. just use holy fire, penance, and smite. you'll heal every time you deal holy damage. good for healing dungeons too, so long as people stay within 15 yards of your target.
If you are determined, then yes read the guide posted and hang in there. But listen - it may be that being a priest isn't for you. I have a druid that I have tried and tried and TRIED to level and she sits at 52 or so. While I haven't deleted her yet, I honestly doubt she'll ever truly grow up. Druids and I might just not be compatible.

If you find yourself continue to struggle, give yourself permission to just not have a priest :)
If you're healing instances, use Binding Heal when you and someone else take damage (Heals you and them). And use Desperate Prayer (30% self heal). I find myself using Alt+A Heal a lot.

As Shadow, you can fear, heal up, shield yourself, keep DPSing. Dispersion. Vampiric Embrace.

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