How sharing experience works:

Pet Battles
Since experience is given at the end of the fight rather than when each enemy dies, I can't quite tell if it works like Pokemon.

Is it:

1) Each pet that has a round against an enemy gets experience from that enemy.


2) Each pet that has a round in that BATTLE gets experience from ALL enemies.

Anyone know? Thanks!
The total experience for the fight is shared amongst all pets that both acted in some fashion and are alive at the end.
So I can just open with one pet, then switch to another pet to kill all the enemies and the first pet will get half the experience for the whole fight. Neat!
For the Pet to get xp they have to have done something in the battle starting a battle and switching it out on the First Turn wont give you xp for that pet.
Yeah .. since pets gotta be alive at the end to get exp.. I've just been out running around batteling wild animals to level up my pets for the most part. Every once in a while I will have good player battle and get some good exp on whichever one is alive at end.

While out in the wild I will put each in at some point, even if it's just to put one in to debuff [or throw in my frog to heal himself] and switch it back out. As long as they all stay alive, have done anything, and you win the battle they all get exp. Doesn't matter if you used only one to be the fighter and it does the most damage either. Same exp.

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