pvp question about a heals

hey guys i am going to be running a shatterplay type of arena team next season me and my buddy a shadow priest was wondering what would be the best healer for our comp i was thinking druid ( for cyclone, symbiosis ( on spriest for leapoffaith and xtra tranquility) ) or a shaman but i dont know what would bet better cause shaman hex shares dr with poly.

any suggestion on pros and cons of both healers from a mage perspective
Rdruid / Spriest / Frost mage is being renamed GodComp this season.

i've heard several multi-glads from beta refer to it as the strongest comp in the history of arena.

Rshaman would work too, or Hpally. MWmonk is iffy

best choices:

Rdruid >>>>>>>>>> Rsham >>HPally >>>>>>>>>>Monk>>>>>>>Disc.
ok ty
and you probably want symbiosis on you (the mage) so the druid gets Iceblock and you get healing touch.

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