Pandaren can't train Battle Pet Training

Bug Report
After joining the Alliance on my Pandaren Monk, I went to see the battle pet trainer in Stormwind.

- In my spellbook, Battle Pet Training is listed as trainable and says "See your trainer".
- The trainer says "Battle Pet Training" as "Aready known" and won't let me train it.
- However the trainer also lists "Jade Crane Chick" as trainable, except that it "Requires: Battle Pet Training" in red, and won't let me train that either.

I am able to use the pets window, and battle pets in the wild etc... it's just the spellbook and trainer that seem confused.
same issue
Post in Bug Reports. The devs will not see it here.
It is because the pets are account wide and so are the pet battles. You only ever have to train pet battles once on one character and you did at least on that Paladin. Just hit shift-P and you'll see the pets / battles etc.
Having the same issue myself as a Worgen.

I can level pets, train pets, find battles, etc., but my Spellbook lists me as NOT having Battle Pet Training and I cannot train for the Gilnean Raven.

I have put in a ticket, but it has a 2 day 19 hr wait. /sigh
same issue. My panda cannot train for the jade crane chick. And it says that requiring pet battle training.

ps: my goblin has no such problem. She can train for the shore crawler.
Same problem. Made a Worgen to get the Raven, says I need Battle Pet Training, but the Battle Pet Trainer doesn't sell the training, it's listed under "already known" but my spellbook says I don't have it and should "See your trainer".

Basically, the bug seems to be that the Trainer thinks you already know Battle Pet Training, when in fact you don't.
I am having the same issue. And all I get in a generic computer generated response after waiting for a tickets...
Has anyone gotten an answer to this at all?
Same problem.

But Panderan are the only ones allowed to train for the Jade Crane Chick, but its not allowing us to get it.
Having the same problem with my goblin. I put a ticket in 4 days ago, finally got a response and they told me they couldn't help me because they cant give out too much info out about the game and referred me to a bunch of wow websites. So now i cant train my shore crawler.
I am seeing the same thing with my Panderan. However I have found out that it only appear to be just the one. I can start a new character of any race, including Panderan, and Battle Pet Training appears correctly in the Spellbook.
i have submitted ticket, had reply from person. and they said that it was the first they heard of it. they stated they would pass it on to the developers. to see how to fix it then work to find a way to fix it. it seems to have progressed from just monks to all classes and race now. hopefully they will fix it soon
Made a thread on this issue a few days ago, and there's still been no blue response or any indication that they consider this a "known" issue. Yesterday one player in the thread said the issue was hotfixed but may require server restarts to take effect; I am not sure if there have been server restarts since his post, but

My level 16 monk alt has access to pet battle training features but is listed as not having "battle pet training" in the spellbook, but the battle pet trainer does not offer battle pet training. This is preventing me from obtaining their unique battle pet ("requires battle pet training") and from accessing the pet trainer quests.
I'm having the same problem, except I made a Worgen, got her to level 14 and was unable to learn the Gilean Raven when I got to Darkshore because it said I still needed to learn Battle Pet Training in my spellbook. However, when I made a Worgen DK yesterday on another realm, it said I had learned it.

I posted in two other threads about this and they are several days old. No blue posts tho.
Okay Blizzard,

this problem persists. I just checked my Pet Trainer this afternoon, and she continues to not offer pet training to this character. You've had two weeks to get this resolved, and there is not even a blue post regarding it.

This character is shaping up to be my main, and at the moment this bug is not that huge of an issue. However, when it comes time to start battling pets in Pandaria, it will be.

Please attend to this, and respond with a blue post to let us know that you are at least working on it. It would be appreciated by me and the many others who are having this problem with Battle Pet Training.

I am having the same issue. Weird thing is when i made a worgen on some random server and leveled it up i was able to train it, but whenever i make a toon on my server its not working, IDK if its related but this needs to be fixed blizz i need my panda and goblin pets.
Bumping because this is the most recently posted thread on this subject.

It is however far from the only thread on this subject:

And those are only the ones with "train" in the titles...

Let's get some acknowledgement of this issue being known, at least, if not an immediate fix. I've been logging into my monk alt and checking every day since launch to see if this has been fixed.
Posting on said monk, just in case that'll actually help Blizz look into the problem.

This monk does not have the battle pet training skill.
This monk is unable to purchase the battle pet training skill.
This monk is able to access the pet journal, pet battles, and can capture pets.
This monk is unable to purchase the Jade Crane Chick.
This monk is able to participate in account quests from pet tamers if my main picks them up.
This monk is unable to access the quests from pet tamers himself.

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