Vale of Eternal Blossoms Dailies

Hey guys, I hit 90 yesterday and decided to go straight to sleep. Now today while looking for dailies, I picked up all the quests at Shrine of Two Moons which then sent me to The Golden Pagoda. But there doesn't seem to be dailies anywhere in the vale. Is there a quest that leads onto it that I missed or is there something I need beforehand? Help would be great :)
From what I've seen, the dailies are not in the Vale. If you took the quests from each of the faction dudes on the bottom section of Shrine, they send you elsewhere. For example, the Anglers starting quest sends you to Krasarang Wilds.
Strange, I never got any quests from the Shrine which sent me anywhere else for dailies. :/
No, there are dailies in the zone. And I'm phased from my friends in the zone too...

I have no Golden Lotus dailies.

There is a known issue with the phasing for Quest: Barring Entry.

I am curious if this is stopping the quest chain for dailies?
Ive done all the quests that open the vale of blossems and even did the few quests that were there and still no dailies im gettin fustrated with not being able to farm my golden lotus rep cause of this bug
I also don't have any quest. Since i loged as soon i hit 90 a while back.
I dont know and I also need help ;c
think u need to do the white tiger temple quests in summit to open vale dailys
I have done the white tiger temple quests. However I still cannot find any dailies. Neither on my Shaman or my Death Knight. It's getting really frustrating.

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