Traps bugged?

Pet Battles
Under the spell description, it says that anytime a trap fails, the next one has an increased 20% chance of landing.

However, yesterday I had SIX traps fail in a row in a single battle. IS this a bug?
Their is either a bug or some other mechanic going on.

I dont know what the base chance of capture is, but the probability (base + stacking bonus) should be almost 100% by the 5th attempt and over 100% at the sixth attempt.

What I am wondering is if the stacking bonus resets if capture is interrupted for a turn.

For example if you pet dies and you switch it out for another or the enemy heals above 35% and you have to attack again to reduce its health.

Do these things reset the bonus?

Also from my own observation, it seems that capture chance is effected by the level of the enemy pet. Pets below level 10 rarely take more than 2-3 attempts. However higher level pets often take more than 5 attempts to capture and almost never get caught on the first few tries.
I'd imagine the whole damn pet system is still bugged, and obviously not on high priority of Blizzard's fix-it to do list.

I've had multiple traps fail on me, have missed turns, now up to 3 turns in a row with no debuff, I've had wild pets of the same level dodge and miss every attack with no accuracy debuff on me... this is fun and SOOO infuriating at the same time. It would be nice if they FIXED it.
I'm not sure if trap attempts while a pet is burrowed count - at least I've never caught one while it was burrowed. It could be that if a pet is in an uncapturable state that the attempt doesn't count. Maybe.
I believe the 20% increase isn't 20% of 100%.

It is a 20% increase from either your previous catch chance, or more likely your previous catch chance + 20% of your base catch chance (games tend to be additive over multiplicative).

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