Multiple Attacks in One Turn?

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I haven't played Pokemon in easily over 10 years, and don't play any turn-based games, so I'm doing my best to be patient and learn the ropes with the pet battle system.

What I don't understand is how it seems more often than not the opponent (NPC or player) can get in more hits in one turn than my pet can. The only time I've noticed where I could do a back to back attack was when I have my Worg Pup use their speed ability and if I'm lucky and click quickly enough I can get him to go back and bite the enemy pet in the same turn.

I wish I had paid more attention to the type of creatures I've seen the opponents use that did this, but I want to say even some of the pets that *I* use in my battling were doing this. Right now I am using my Spirit of Competition, Soul of the Aspects and Worg Pup. I plan on changing it up a bit; they're only level 7 so far.

Is it just that certain pets have a natural inclination to a higher speed or something? O.o
there are some attacks that can hit multiple times. Off the top of my head i know Willy's lick can hit 1-2 times and hits an additional time if he goes first.
Certain pets get extra attacks if they go first. My Stormwind Rat has flurry, that does an extra attack if he goes first and since his speed is fairly high, it happens pretty frequently. I've been pretty messed up by wild rabbits with similiar abilities.
There are several occasions where a pet gets to seemingly execute more than one move in one round.

  • A pet executes a multiple-hit attack
  • A pet executes a normal attack, and a second attack from another turn (like a debuff) procs at the end of the round
  • The speed of a pet changes, so it attacked second in one round, and then first in the next, making it look like it attacked twice
  • You swap pets, giving your opponent a free shot at you. Their speed may be higher, allowing them to go first in the next round, effectively giving them back-to-back hits.

The long-and-short is that no matter what the pet it, it can only execute a single action in any given round. Hope that helps.
Ahh! Thank y'all so much! ^^ Less frustrating now that I know more of the mechanics involved. Really appreciate it.
Critters can turn the battle around with this.

Comeback on 2nd half of turn followed by Quick Attack.
There are even some attacks that do damage to all pets on your team, not just the active one.

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