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The Gilnean Raven and Shore Crawler pets need to be added to a vendor within Org and Darnassus like every other starter pet.

Currently the only way to acquire the Gilnean Raven and Shore Crawler pets is to have a Worgen or a Goblin character capable of getting to their pet trainers.

Problem being, if one doesn't already have a Goblin or Worgen, one needs to level one to about 10-15, get them out of their starter zones, and take them to Darnassus or Orgrimmar to learn their respective pets.

Were Goblins and Worgen able to just sprint straight to their capitals immediately at level 1 like every other race it would be less annoying. But they're actually trapped in their starter zones for a short while, until completed.

All the other starter pets taught by racial pet trainers are also available from vendors within their capital cities, but these two (as late additions for the two newers races) are annoyingly gated.

While it's by no means a monumental feat to get a Goblin or Worgen character to their trainers... it is a noticeably annoying hurdle when ones SOUL reason for doing so is these pets.

Whats worse is the pets can only be learned once per Goblin or Worgen character, so if one were to cage either pet and sell it, or if one wanted to learn multiple copies of either pet up to the cap of three, one would need to then create an entirely new Worgen or Goblin just to re-learn it.

I realize it's not a HUGE issue, but I think that's what makes it extra annoying. It's not as if keeping them off a vendor preserves some sort of challenge or rarity in the pet... they're both still very common and easy to acquire.

I guess it just feels like jumping through hoops, is what I'm saying. The challenge in getting these pets isn't one of gameplay or prestige... it's more an annoying oversight that forces players out of their way or no good reason.

To make a player who might otherwise not want to play a Worgen or Goblin roll one and level it 10 or 15 times just to get this pet seems silly.

To make that player do so 6 times to get three of each pet, should they wish to, seems even sillier.

Anyway, just thought I'd suggest it.
Make a Goblin/Worgen DK (on a different server if you already have one on your main server). Shouldn't take too long to get to Org/SW->Teldrassil->Darkshore.

Still some work, but not as much as starting from level 1 in their starting zones.
I'm aware that Death Knights could in theory be leveled to their cities quicker, but it's still the same basic problem.
They can be summoned out of their starter zones.
12/01/2012 04:30 AMPosted by Broxigan
They can be summoned out of their starter zones.

No, they can't.

The grind to 15 or so is actually not too bad given the effort needed to get some of the other pets. I'd take this over hunting the Minfernal or fishing for a Magical Crawdad any day.
09/28/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Tweak
To make that player do so 6 times to get three of each pet, should they wish to, seems even sillier.

I don't see why anyone would want three of each unless they want to sell them, which can be profitable.

You can always trade for one or buy one on the auction house. They are not that hard to obtain if you don't want to level a Goblin or Worgen.

Leveling a Worgen and Goblin is some of the more interesting game content. Why would you not want to do it once?
To be fair, I did do it once... then I deleted my Worgen to make room for new toons.

Now I evidently have to do it again for a single pet, even though I have no desire to. :P

And no, I'm not paying 5000g for one on the AH, when it should be the equivalent of every other race's 50s pet. (And that is what they go for on my server... which is stupid and silly, imo)
WTS my spare level 25 Gilnean Raven. Yep, two 25s. Best pet ever, worth it.
I know this an old forum but this is the kind of stuff that makes this game decline in awesomeness each year. Ppl who complain about something they have to spend time to get so they want it to be easier. If you want something so badly you should have to put time and effort in getting it to set you apart from those that don't want to or care to. This doesn't just apply to some pet, it applies to all the stuff in game that Blizzard has to dumb down so everyone can enjoy. It's B/S.
I've got a better suggestion.
Make race-specific pets untradeable.

This would greatly lesson the need to repeatedly make new toons whose "soul" reason is to acquire and sell these pets.
If you have an issue that is current, try making a new post and not necroing year and a half old posts. Forum moderators really frown on that.
Thanks Dae saw your post after I replied without checking the date like the forum necro-n00bs I scold. =P

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