Windwalking 101 - DPS Monk Guide of Choices!

*Guide will be updated when Blizzard changes/updates/removes certain aspects.*

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[1.0] - Introduction
[1.1] - Races and Racials
[1.2] - Talents
[1.3] - Glyphs and Glyph Choices
[1.4] - Tips with Roll, and others!
[1.5] - Gear and you.
[1.6] - Last Word.

1.0 Introduction

"The ancient monks of Pandaria developed their martial arts as a way of rebelling against their former overlords. Now the rediscovered Pandaren have begun to spread their monastic teachings to the other races of Azeroth. Monks are known for their skill in hand to hand fighting, relying on their fists and feet as much as their weapons. Healing Monks are proficient in traditional medicine and often become spiritual leaders in their communities. Monk primary stats depend on their role: Agility for tanks and melee fighters and Intellect for healers.". -Official class description of Monks.

Monks are the second class added to World of Warcraft by using expansion packs.

Monks traditionally wear leather, but can also wear cloth. Monks can wield 2-hand weapons, (referred from now on as 2h) Staves or Polearms strictly. They can also dual-wield 1-hand weapons (referred to from now on as 1h) such as axes, fist weapons, maces, and swords. Monks can be all three types of roles. Tank (Brewmaster), Healer (Mistweaver), or Melee (Windwalker, Physical DPS).

Monks use Energy as a resource to power their abilities. They also have a unique form of power known as Chi. Chi is used to power other abilities. A maximum of four chi (five with talents) is available to use. Abilities such as Jab generate Chi which can be used for abilities such as Fists of Fury, or Tiger Palm. Windwalker Monks exclusively generate 2 Chi with Jab and Expel Harm.

In this guide, I hope to guide new Monks on their spiritual journey from Level 1 to Level 90. I also hope that my experience can be shared with the masses as they go on their spiritual journey. I have leveled two Monks to 90 in the beta, through various bugs, glitches, glitched abilities, and so on. In this guide, mostly I aim to help in terms of abilities, talents, gear choices, and teach what I can.

[1.1] Races and Racials

Currently, all races but Goblins and Worgen can be Monks. All races that can be Monks are all great choices for leveling, however some are simply better than others. But do not let that deter you from picking your favorite race and punching things! Below are a general rundown of all racials and races.

= = = =
= = = =

Dwarves - Stoneform is a free version of Detox which removes Diseases and Poisons (Magic also, if you are a Mistweaver), however Detox does NOT remove Bleeds (early beta builds Detox did remove bleeds). Gun Specialization is useless as Monks cannot use Guns or Ranged weapons. Mace Specialization provides 1% Expertise for 1h Maces and Frost Resistance reduces Frost damage by a flat 1%.

Final Verdict - Pretty cut and clean when it comes to Dwarves. Stormform will be used fairly often as debuffs such as Bleeds, Diseases, and Poisons are quite common grinding from level to level. Mace Specialization is a nice perk that only shines should you wield 1h Maces.

Gnomes - Gnomes finally get to punt back! Escape Artist remove snags, roots, and snares. Outside the PvP trinket and Tiger's Lust talent, there are no other ways for a Monk to remove snags, snares, or roots. Expansive Mind has no use for Windwalker Monks and is better suited for Mistwalker Monks instead. Engineering Specialist does not aid in leveling up. Shortblade Specialization is only useful for 1h Swords.

As a side note, wearing the gloves of any Monk PvP set clear snares by using Roll, Chi Torpedo, and Flying Serpent Kick. Malevolent Gladiator's Copperskin Gloves

Final Verdict - While leveling up I find roots, snags, or snares rare meaning Escape Artist doesn't shine compared to Stormform or Every Man for Himself. 1% Expertise with swords is handy though. Gnomes ftw regardless.

Human - Both good at PvE, or PvP. Every Man for Himself is basically a PvP trinket, removing anything that makes you lose control of your character, including snags/snares/roots. Tigers Lust removes snags/snares/roots as well. Diplomacy is great for reputation gains. Human Spirit has no place for Windwalker Monks and is tied exclusively to Mistweaver Monks. Both Mace and Sword Specialization provides 1% Expertise to 1h Maces and Swords.

Final Verdict - A free PvP trinket, 10% boost to rep gains, and expertise for Maces and Swords. Humans are a great choice for leveling up.

Nightelf - Nightelves are the mixed bag in my opinion. A little bit of everything if you are into PvE or PvP. Shadowmeld allows for sneaky PvP attacks. All monks have access to Transcendence, which acts similar. Shadowmeld can also be used in combat to drop all threat temporarily and forcing mobs to attack your pet, or another one of your allies instead, or at least until the buff is removed, restoring the threat on you. I hope your ally/pet has higher threat! Quickness grants a passive 2% chance to dodge melee/ranged attacks with no diminishing returns, making Nightelves great at tanking. Wisp Spirit is moot considering guild perks (and presuming you have a guild). Elusiveness provides passive sneakiness while Shadowmelding. Nature Resistance grants 1% Nature damage reduction.

Final Verdict - Nightelves lean heavily towards tanking over leveling up in terms of racials, however a flat 2% dodge chance means you dodge where others might get hit. A must for tanking, but hardly noticeable while leveling.

Draenei - 'Gift of the Naaru' provides a flat heal that restores 20% of the targets total health. Heroic Presence grants you a passive 1% Hit bonus. Gemcutting provides a minor bonus to your Jewelcrafting skill, however plays no real role in leveling up. Shadow Resistance reduces Shadow damage by 1%

Final Verdict - Monks do not get any type of heal until Level 26, making 'Gift of the Naaru' a great racial for leveling early on. A passive 1% free hit ensures you have a better chance to sock someone upside the head while other races just miss.

= = = =

Pandaren - Pandaren Monks are not tied to faction at first. When you are done creating your Pandaren Monk, you are allowed to pick either Alliance or Horde. A first in World of Warcraft! Pandaren are powerful in both PvE and leveling. Quacking Palm is a carbon copy of Gouge, incapacitating targets for 4 seconds and turns off your attack. Bouncy reduces fall damage taken by half meaning a reasonably long fall will not kill you. Epicurean allows you double benefit from a well-fed buff. To add more perks to it, Gourmand gives a 15 point skill boost to cooking. The real benefit is Inner Peace, which allows your rested XP to last twice as long!

Final Verdict - Whether you go Horde or Alliance, Pandaren are clear winners regardless. Quacking Palm is great for disabling an enemy's partner while you finish off your original target or interrupting a spell. Monks have few ways to stun or interrupt early on, adding that extra boost to your arsenal. If you have a high level character with cooking, send some food toward your Panda Monk to see him gain some pretty decent stats early on. Bouncy is a very nice perk, allowing you to trek across mountain terrain without fear of dying...assuming it's not too high. Splat! Inner Peace extends the use of Rested XP greatly, allowing you that extra bit of XP while other races have to work just a little harder.

= = = =
= = = =

Orc - Right off the bat, Blood Fury puts Orcs at the top of the list of Horde Monks. Attack Power is the butter to your bread, allowing you to smack your target around harder for 15 seconds. Hardiness reduces stun effects by 15%, but stuns are few and far between while leveling. Command is semi-worthless as Monks only get access to one pet, for 45 seconds. Axe Specialization provides 1% Expertise to 1h Axes.

Final Verdict - Blood Fury provides extra AP for hitting harder. Stacked with certain Monk abilities at later levels allow Orc Monks to deal some serious punishment, kill things faster, and get things done just a little quicker.

Tauren - War Stomp provides an AoE stun while Endurance provides 5% extra base health meaning Tauren can take punishment a little longer than other races. Cultivation is a perk. Nature Resistance provides 1% Nature damage reduction.

Final Verdict - Outside Endurance and War Stomp, Tauren bring little else to play while leveling up.

Troll - Berserking provides 20% attack speed and/or 20% casting speed for 10 seconds, meaning fists will fly 20% faster! Boom boom pow! Regeneration provides passive health regeneration and provides a 10% bonus in-combat health regen. Beast Slaying provides 5% damage bonus against Beasts. Throwing and Bow Specialization is useless as Monks cannot use either. Da Voodoo Shuffle provides little benefit as well.

Final Verdict - Berserking is perfect if you're either DPS or healing. Beast Slaying is also very nice as beasts are a very common type of quest target! Regeneration is a nice, if barely noticeable perk as well.

Forsaken - Will of the Forsaken will rarely be used. Cannibalize is a wonderful leveling tool as Humanoid and Undead targets are very common. Touch of the Grave (replacing Underwater Breathing) is a very good passive that both damages AND heal you for the damage dealt. Shadow Resistance provides a passive 1% damage reduction to Shadow damage.

Final Verdict - A nice choice for a leveling Monk. Cannibalize can heal you outside combat and Touch of the Grave can keep you going!

Blood Elf - Arcane Torrent silences all around you for 2 seconds and restores 1 Chi. Arcane Affinity provides a 10 point bonus to Enchanting. Magic Resistance reduces all Arcane damage taken by 1%. Very little else to say.

Final Verdict - Aside from Arcane Torrent, there is little to gain while leveling as a Blood Elf. The silence is a perk as Monks do not gain an interrupt until Level 32.
[1.2] Talents and Glyphs.

Talents are unlocked at Level 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Glyph slots are unlocked at 25, 50, and 75. Prime Glyph slots were removed meaning great care must be taken with glyph choices from time to time. Talents can be retrained through the class trainer, alternatively depending on your level, you can use Vanishing Powder, Dust of Disappearance, or Tome of the Clear Mind to remove one talent from a slot. Say you traded into Zen Sphere at Level 30, but wanted to swap out to Chi Wave. You could either go to a trainer and pay for a full talent refund (which would increase in cost if you did it again), or simply head to your local Inscription vendor and buy some Vanishing Powder to remove the talent yourself manually. It never hurts to carry around some level appropriate talent removing tool to experiment with!

Talents -

Tier 1 - Level 15

Celerity - Passive - Allows you to Roll and Chi Torpedo more often, increases their maximum number of charges by 1 and reduces their cooldown by 5 seconds.

Tiger's Lust - 1 Chi/20 yd range/Instant/30 second cooldown - Instantly clears the target of all immobilizing and movement impairing effects, and increases their movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.

Momentum - Passive - Every time you Roll or Chi Torpedo, your movement speed is increased by 25% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.

Final Verdict - Celerity looks like a good choice, but in terms of distance gained over a period of time, Momentum is the clear winner here. You can Roll once, then roll again before the buff fades to cover ground quickly from one target to the next. Tiger's Lust is great for quick escapes and can target anyone on your faction regardless if they are in your party or not.

On the other hand, many Monks, myself included pick up the habit of rolling from one target to the next, especially if they are in a tight packed area like a cave. Celerity shines here over Momentum. Adjust your playstyle accordingly.

If you are on a PvP server, Tiger's Lust is almost a must for those attempting to gank you. You can alternatively cast Tiger's Lust on a friendly player.

Tier 2 - Level 30

Chi Wave - 2 Chi/40 yd range/Instant/8 second cooldown - You cause a wave of Chi energy to flow through friend and foe, dealing X damage or Y healing. Bounces up to 7 times to the nearest targets within 20 yards. When bouncing to allies, Chi Wave will prefer those injured over full health.

Zen Sphere - 2 Chi/40 yd range/Instant - Forms a Zen Sphere above the target, healing the target for X and dealing Y damage to the nearest enemy within 10 yards of the target every 2 seconds for 16 seconds. Only one Zen Sphere can be summed at any one time. If Zen Sphere is cast again while active, the Zen Sphere will detonate, dealing X damage and Y healing to all targets within 10 yards.

Chi Burst - 2 Chi/40 yd range/1 second cast - You summon a torrent of Chi energy and hurl it at a target, dealing X damage to all enemies, and Y healing to all allies in its path. Chi Burst will always heal the Monk. While casting Chi Burst, you continue to dodge, parry, and auto-attack.

Final Verdict - Chi Wave is a clear winner now. Zen Sphere was recently nerfed, while Chi Wave was buffed somewhat. Chi Wave is now a very strong talent for soloing even if you pull a massive group or want to tank an elite mob yourself. This talent has a relatively low cooldown and is worth keeping all the way up to 90!

Zen Sphere is a mixture of Renew and Fire Shield off Infernos. Sadly this does NOT deal AoE damage and instead deals single target damage. The ability itself is not too shabby, but the HoT is hardly noticeable at low levels, but seems to pan out decently at high levels. Activating the ability again detonates the Sphere, dealing AoE damage and healing you and any friendly nearby, pets included.

Chi Burst is a fun little ability. Not only do you go into the recognizable stance to look like Goku from the Dragonball series or Ryu from Street Fighter, it serves as a heal while dealing moderate damage. Paired with abilities like Leg Sweep or War stomp, you can line up a group of targets and stun them all, get beside the line of enemies and target the furthest target of the group and unleash a Chi Burst that will deal damage to ALL of them! Kamehameha!

Tier 3 - Level 45

Power Strikes - Passive - Your Jab generates an additional Chi when used. This effect has a 20 second cooldown. If you are already at maximum Chi, a Chi Sphere will be summoned near you.

Ascension - Passive - Increases the amount of maximum Chi by 1.

Chi Brew - Instant/1.5 min cooldown - Instantly restores all your Chi.

Final Verdict - This falls down to personal preference. All three are great yet situational. While leveling, Ascension seemed weak from my experience. Power Strikes worked out decently and many quests involve you stay in the same area. Eventually you might find a floating white Chi sphere to grab. All in all, it comes down to preference.

I personally would prefer Power Strikes as the extra Chi generated means access to certain abilities much quicker in a fight and the Chi overflow spawns a Chi orb in the world for you to grab at your leisure.

Tier 4 - Level 60

Deadly Reach - Passive - Your Paralysis ability is now usable from 20 yards away.

Charging Ox Wave - Instant/1 minute cooldown - A mighty Ox effigy rushes foward 30 yards in front of you, stunning all enemies within its path for 3 seconds.

Leg Sweep - Instant/45 second cooldown - You knock down all enemies within 5 yards, stunning them for 5 seconds.

Final Verdict - Deadly Reach can be used to knock a target out a fight BEFORE you pull from a decent range. Think of it like Repentance or a ranged version of Sap. Charging Ox Wave makes for good escapes or initiating, but is overall situational. The winner is Leg Sweep in my opinion. It acts as an interrupt, amongst other things. Paired with abilities like Chi Burst, Chi Wave, or Spinning Crane Kick, your simply can't go wrong.

Tier 5 - Level 75

Healing Elixers - Passive - Anytime you drink from a Brew or Tea, you gain 10% of your total health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds.

Dampen Harm - Instant/1.5 minute cooldown - You dampen the damage from the most harmful attacks done to you. The next 3 attacks within 45 seconds that deal damage equal to 10% or more of your total health are reduced in half.

Diffuse Magic - Instant/1.5 minute cooldown - Reduces all spell damage taken by 90% and clears all magical effects on you, reversing them back to their original caster if within 40 yards if possible. Lasts for 6 seconds.

Final Verdict - Dampen Harm is great for picking off a tough target by yourself but by the time you get the ability, you have several options at your disposal for taking care of the target. Diffuse Magic will rarely be effective leveling up and is very situational sadly. Healing Elixirs will be used very often as at high levels give you access to Tigereye Brew, Energizing Brew, Fortifying Brew, etc. and will be used constantly on cooldown.

Diffuse Magic is *almost* the only way for Monks to reduce Magic damage and you may find use with it while leveling. The only problem is the cooldown, rendering its usefulness to be limited.

Tier 6 - Level 90

Rushing Jade Wind - 2 Chi/Instant/30 second cooldown - You summon a whirling tornado that travels 30 yards in front of you, dealing X nature damage to all targets in its path and increasing damage taken by your Spinning Crane Kick by 30% for 15 seconds. Also triggers Shuffle for Brewmaster Monk.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger - 40 yd range/Instant/3 minute cooldown - Invokes the White Tiger Celestial, summoning an effigy at the command of the caster. The effigy will assist, attacking your primary target and also inflicting tiger lightning every 6 seconds to 3 nearby enemies within 10 yards dealing X damage over 5 seconds. Lasts 45 seconds. Xuen will also provoke the target for Brewmaster Monks.

Chi Torpedo - Instant - Torpedo a distance in front of you, dealing X damage to all enemies and Y healing to all allies in your path. Chi Torpedo replaces Roll.

Final Verdict - Once again this comes down to personal preference and play style. Rushing Jade Wind works great against groups or multiple targets and you can't go wrong with 30% extra damage against them! Xuen is great as a temporary pet for backup and pairs well against a single strong foe or several not-so-strong. Chi Torpedo has a goofy animation and is better reserved for Mistwalker Monks. I would personally recommend Xuen, the White Tiger.
[1.3] Glyphs and Glyph Choices

With the release of Mists of Pandaria, Prime Glyph Slots have been removed. The good news out of this is that many glyphs are now class passives. For example, Divine Accuracy for Priests is now a passive instead of a Minor glyph. Glyphs are now split into two types Major, and Minor. Like in Cataclysm, once you have a glyph you can learn it permanently. Depending on your level you will have to buy Vanishing Powder, Dust of Disappearance, or Tome of the Clear Mind to remove glyphs from glyph slots and replace them with something else. As of MoP, some glyphs are labeled for certain specializations. For example, the glyph 'Breath of Fire' is marked by Brewmasters. This is also an ability that Brewmasters have exclusive access to.

To reduce confusion, I will only be discussing glyphs that can be used by Windwalker Monks.

= = = =

Major Glyphs:

Glyph of Afterlife: Increases the chance to summon a Healing Sphere when you kill an enemy while gaining experience or honor by 25%. Makes the Afterlife effect a 75% chance.

Glyph of Crackling Jade Lightning: Your Crackling Jade Lightning knocks the target back a further distance, and after being knocked back increases the damage the target takes from your Crackling Jade Lightning by 25% for 8 sec. (in-game, the description doesn't tell you how much damage is taken by the target)

Glyph of Enduring Healing Sphere: Increases the duration of your Healing Spheres by 3 minutes.

Glyph of Expel Harm: Increases the range of your Expel Harm by 10 yards.

Glyph of Fists of Fury: When channeling Fists of Fury, you parry all attacks. Does not allow you to parry attacks from behind.

Glyph of Fortifying Brew: Your Fortifying Brew reduces damage taken by an additional 5%, but increases your health by 10% rather than 20%.

Glyph of Path of Blossoms: Increases the number of Fire Blossoms you create by 1.

Glyph of Retreat: When you Roll or Chi Torpedo, all threat is temporary reduced for 10 sec. Buff only appears right before the animation is finished.

Glyph of Sparring: While Sparring, you also have a 5% chance to also Deflect spells from attackers in front of you, stacking up 3 times.

Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick: You move at full speed while channeling Spinning Crane Kick. (70% movement speed without glyph)

Glyph of Stoneskin: When you use Fortifying Brew, all bleed damage taken is reduced by 20% while active.

Glyph of Touch of Death: Your Touch of Death no longer has a Chi cost, but the cooldown is increased by 2 minutes.

Glyph of Touch of Karma: Your Touch of Karma now has a 20 yard range.

Glyph of Transcendence: Increases the range of your Transcendence: Transfer spell by 10 yards.

Glyph of Zen Meditation: You can now channel Meditation while moving.

Minor Glyphs:

Glyph of Crackling Tiger Lightning: Your Crackling Jade Lightning visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger celestial.

Glyph of Fighting Pose: Your spirit now appears in a fighting pose when using Transcendence.

Glyph of Flying Serpent Kick: Your Flying Serpent Kick automatically ends when you fly into an enemy, triggering the area of effect damage and snare.

Glyph of Honor: You honorably bow after each successful Touch of Death.

Glyph of Jab: You always will attack with hands and fist with Jab, even with non-fist weapons equipped.

Glyph of Rising Tiger Kick: Your Rising Sun Kick’s visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger.

Glyph of Spinning Fire Blossom: Your Spinning Fire Blossom requires an enemy target rather than traveling in front of you, but is no longer capable of rooting targets.

Glyph of Spirit Roll: You can cast Roll while dead as a spirit.

Glyph of Water Roll: You can Roll over water.

Glyph of Zen Flight: Teaches you the spell Zen Flight: You fly through the air at a quick speed on a meditative cloud.

Glyph of Blackout Kick: Your Blackout Kick always deals 20% additional damage over 4 sec regardless of positioning but you're unable to trigger the healing effect.

= = = =

At Level 25, I would recommend picking up the Glyph of Afterlife, and Glyph of Jab. At Level 26, Monks earn the passive, "Afterlife" which allows a Healing Sphere to spawn when you kill a target that yields experience or honor, but finishing a target with Blackout Kick might yield you a Chi Sphere instead. Glyph of Jab is purely for looks. However if you want to opt out looks and go for some minor utility, pick "Glyph of Flying Serpent Kick". If you want to take damage over utility, Glyph of Blackout Kick is decent.

Another choice for Level 25 is the 'Touch of Karma' glyph, if you find damage to be a higher priority over keeping your health topped off. With its increased range can be used to pull targets from a longer range. Stacked with your own taunt, and this glyph, you can pull one, taunt another, and use Touch of Karma on a third.

Beyond this point, I found all the other glyphs, aside from Zen Meditation (groups only), Zen Flight, and Glyph of Stoneskin to be relatively situational and iffy in terms of leveling. At this point, it comes down to personal tastes. Glyph of Sparring looks inviting, but I found a 15% chance to deflect spells to be barely noticeable. All in all, pick what feels natural and to your play style.
[1.4] - Tips with Roll, and others!

-You can roll in any four directions. Forward, backward, or either side.
-Don't jump, then roll. You will lose momentum and distance.
-Roll can be used, sometimes, to roll up hills that would otherwise be impossible to trek. Jumping, then using Roll improves it.
-Rolling before landing from a fall that could hurt you, does NOT prevent fall damage.
-Provoke, the Monk taunt, gives a 50% movement speed buff. Use it to pull another target to you, or pull a separate target. Aggroing one quest mob, and taunting another ensures you can get quests done right and done quick.
-Rolling can sometimes go critical, extending the range you roll by three times!
-Paralysis works on *any* mob. Stacked with Deadly Reach makes it great for disabling targets.
-Flying Serpent Kick makes for great escapes. Stacked with Roll means you can escape from just about anything.
-Flying Serpent Kick can be used to glide across water. While in water, simply jump over the surface and use the ability. Zoooooooom!
-If you toggle walking, and use Flying Serpent Kick, you'll go very slow and not gain much distance. Not much of a tip but I cracked up.

[1.5] - Gear and you.

Monks, as stated before, wear leather. However they can wear cloth armor. Windwalker Monks have no use for cloth! For anyone who has leveled up a Rogue, Hunter, Feral Druid, or Enhancement Shaman will feel right at home when it comes to leveling and gearing up a Monk.

Windwalker Monks benefit strongly from Leather gear, namely DPS gear. Stats like Agility, Crit, Haste, Expertise, and Hit are a welcome sight to any seasoned Rogue/Feral Druid/Hunter player.

Stats like Hit will be uncommon leveling up. Expertise will not show up until much later. However certain races have passives that grant you expertise with certain weapons at Level 1.

Haste boosts Energy regeneration and the stat itself becomes plentiful beyond Outland questing areas.

Mastery will be seen beyond Level 78 and provides Windwalker Monks a chance for Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm to be free, or rather, cost no Chi. More mastery = Higher chance to proc.

= = = = = =
2hand weapon vs. 2 1hand weapons
= = = = = =

Monks are unique in a certain sense. Depending on what you are wielding (either a 2h weapon, or two 1hand weapons), alters your DPS somewhat. Monks have a passive called, "Way of the Monk" that provides two different buffs. While dual-wielding, autoattack damage is increased by 40%. Alternately while wielding a Polearm or Staff, increases melee attack speed by 40%.

For leveling purposes, I would personally recommend the heirloom staff. Dualwielding early on without practically zero hit means your attacks will miss quite often. You can soften the penalty with heirlooms and the heirloom ring.

If heirlooms are out of the question or simply not an option for you, keep on the lookout for quest rewards. There is a blue Polearm Alliance players can get from the quest, 'Rise of the Brotherhood' in Westfall. Horde players can run Deadmines as Helix Gearbreaker drops a Polearm with just the right stats for a growing Monk.

Alternately a Monk can reach Level 20 and get their own very cool staff by a Class Quest.

**Just a fair warning - My testing involved heirloom maces with +15 agility and the heirloom staff with +25 agility and beating up various mobs. Your numbers will most likely vary.**

[1.6] Last Word

There is no last word, there is only Zuul.
Special thanks to everyone who donated or contributed to this guide after I posted the rough draft.

Changed title.

Also, thank for your stickies!

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You get the Dread Pirate Ring from the Northrend Fishing Derby. It's currently disabled due to CRZ.
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