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I went looking around at people on my friend's list and only found two people who had pets listed. I know I have close to the 500 pet limit. Could that be the problem? The two that I could see their pets had a small amount (104 and 245) compared to that number. Could it be that you are expected there to be only a certain number total and I have more, your script is breaking? I think I have 465 pets right now and that is down from the 800+ I had when 5.0.4 was applied.
This is happening to me too. it has not updated since Saturday night, the night i decided to do pet battles for couple hours.

Not one with alts, have log out fully multiple times to update me achievements to update sites like guildox.

I do not have multiple of a type of pet, i have around 208 all different pets but the armory says 169.

Everything else on the armoury appears to be updating.

mounts appear to be updating because my Pandrian Heroic Dungeon meta is there (the only new mount i got over the weekend).
Any update on this...? Still no pets :(
I submitted a ticked for my pets not properly updating on the web site. I was told this forum was the proper location to submit my problem, so here I am. I haven't had the armory update my pets since the first day or two of the expansion. Still shows the same low level pets even though I now have 350 unique pets.
Good afternoon Peratryn,
How are things? The weather here has been very cold this week. It has been awhile and I would like to know if there were any advances on what is causing the website to not show any of my companions. I caught a very nice rare scorpion the other day that was 3 levels above my pets. I want to show him off to my friends outside of the game as well. I hope all is well. Write back soon.
Have as well. Here is a list of my toon / pet situation.

- Have never xfered toons.
- Account since mid-BC era.
- Have some "emailed" account bound pet objects still in inventory on some toons, the penguin, onyxia, blizzard bear that can't be learned now.
- Have logged in/out of all toons on 3 diff servers.
- Some toons are horde/some alliance.

Can't think anything else that's unique.

Also, my pet achievement information is not updating... as in... how many rare captures, etc.
I'm having the same problem, i have three pets at level 25 and a small handful of pets at various different levels, and none of them at all are showing up.

My account was made i guess at around the beginning of wrath, i have multiple characters on two main servers, one server for horde, one server for alliance.

I have logged in and out of multiple characters since MoP started, i have logged in and out of the forums as well a lot lately... nothing.
Similar issue to those posting here. Armory profile shows no pets collected and no active pets. At first I thought it may have been because I did not pick up the pet battle "profession" or however it's called.

I have since leveled a pet up to 5 and a couple others a small amount, beaten a couple trainers etc... this has been my most-played character since launch, but I definitely have alts on different servers and on horde side, etc etc.
Same problem for me :(
Possibly relevant...

I do have at least one toon with a name that includes an accented character attached to this account.
Sigh, please fix this soon.

Is there any update on an ETA for getting this fixed? Some feedback from a blue would be appreciated.
Its been nearly 3 weeks, and it still hasn't been fixed yet. I tried everything and nothing seems to work. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
And here I thought everyone was having this problem, so I ignored it until now. I was looking at armory pages linked from WarcraftPets and saw other people had their companion pages fully loaded. You can see on my achievements all my activity with collecting and battling, but it says I have no pets. Saaaad day.
I have logged into each and every toon, and still is not updated.
I just randomly chose guild members from my guild to view through the armory and not a single one of the 20+ toons I chose show their mini pets here. I know quite a few of the names I chose have extensive mini pet collections. So at this point I don't know if it's a problem on my end that doesn't allow me to view them, or if they're actually not showing up on those for other people as well. If any of you open up my character page for Troo (character to the left here), can you see my mini pets? Although if you're having the same issue and it is on our end, you won't be able to see them either...
10/02/2012 09:03 AMPosted by Peratryn
For the problem of pets not loading at all, we do have people looking at it. For some accounts (we haven't found the bug yet, so we don't know what about the accounts is causing this) account wide data is not loading for the website. I don't have a good ETA on a fix but it's not anything you guys are doing in game.

If you're looking for an old account that has a lot of pet activity but isn't updating properly and has never shown pets, please take a look at mine. Besides never having shown pets, it's also not updating my iLevel and tabard. It's acting very odd.
Same problem here, none of my pets are showing up. Day one account, never name/faction changed or realm transferred. Have logged into all of my random characters across all the servers, but has not helped. However, my pet battle achievements are showing up.
I'd like to add my name to the growing list of no pets showing up. My poor pets are in armory limbo.
Pets update on some new account wide data, so make sure you fully log out of all characters, and log out of your account (just going to the character screen won't always update your pets).

Player traffic is very high right now as well and normally during periods of high traffic updates can get a bit slow on the site.

Please keep us updated over the next few days and we can look into your account if it's still not updating.

Almost a month. This makes Time Warner look fast.

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